2. Walter A. Dods

October, 2004

Age: 62
Title: Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, BancWest Corp.
Nickname: The Once and Future King

Power Surge: Dods, whose power rating has consistently been off the charts, slipped a spot on this year’s list. This power shortage is most likely due to his imminent retirement, but don’t expect the onetime office boy and 36-year veteran of the bank to be put out to some Big Island pasture. Early last summer, the Carlyle Group announced that a Dods-led group of investors was joining the multinational in the purchase of Verizon Hawaii. While Dods won’t be involved in the day-to-day operations of the telecom company, the move is a further affirmation that big-time business in Hawaii begins at the executive’s door.

Power Play: How the Carlyle Group sets up the new Hawaii company will be one of the more closely watched business happenings in town next year. Its eventual composition will likely include a small galaxy of Hawaii old boys and up-and-comers, reflecting the state of power in the Islands today. Personal Voltage: Dods is the only executive in town with truly portable power. He is magnetic, dynamic and has a soothsayerlike ability to predict business trends. If Dods worked at a 7-11, the line for Slurpees would snake around the block.

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