2014 Hawaii Tourism Forecast

January, 2014


The forecast for Hawaii tourism this year, compared with estimated numbers from 2013:


Which Nationalities Spend More

Estimated average spending per day per visitor from different locations:


Others U.S. East Coast: $203, Latin America: $200, Europe: $166, Canada: $161, U.S. West: $157

Air Seat Capacity Will Barely Grow

The Hawaii Tourism Authority estimates there will be 10.82 million available airline seats into Hawaii during 2014.


European Visitors

Most European visitors to Hawaii come from Germany and the United Kingdom. Before 2012: Average of 114,000 visitors a year from Europe. 2012: 134,000  2013: Estimated 139,000


Origin of Hawaii-bound Airline Seats in 2014


Waikiki’s Huge Impact on State Economy

Waikiki is only about 0.07 percent of Hawaii’s land mass, but it plays a huge role in the state’s economy. Here are 2012 figures from the state Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism.


Waikiki’s Direct Impact

Waikiki’s share all state jobs and taxes:


Waikiki’s Combined Direct and Indirect Impact


All Hawaii Tourism Direct and Indirect Impact



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