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5 Steps to Molding a More Confident Image

February, 2016

Successful careers are often characterized by the ability to have a commanding presence in both social and business situations. Unfortunately, not everyone is naturally outgoing or confident. Marketing expert Frank Haas offers simple steps you can take to project an image that is self-assured and assertive.

1. Accept yourself

You probably know a lot more – and have a lot more poise – than you give yourself credit for. If self-doubt is stifling the self-confident you, try repeating a simple mantra as you walk into a room: “I’m glad I’m here. I’m glad you’re here. I know what I know!” Convincing yourself that you’re glad to “be here” will change your whole attitude and expression.

2. Script yourself

For meetings and other business interactions, rehearse in your own mind how you want the event to unfold. What outcome do you want? Who do you need to convince or persuade? What are your best arguments? By considering these in advance, you take the pressure off “the moment.”

3. Be informed

Read up on current events or business topics likely to be subjects of conversation. A grasp of facts and issues makes you more likely to engage in conversation.

4. Remember: “All the world’s a stage”

Once in a corporate training program, the company hired a Broadway actress to work with us on poise and presence. I thought that was strange, but she made the point that many theatrical skills apply to business situations. Learn how to project your voice. Rehearse – and rehearse and rehearse – business presentations until you’re absolutely comfortable. Learn how to make an entrance.

5. Get help

I know many people who swear by Toastmasters as a nonthreatening way to learn to speak with confidence. Hawaii has many fine executive coaches, too, who can help you with specific concerns. If you need help, don’t be afraid to get it.

Courtesy of Frank Haas

Courtesy of Frank Haas

Frank Haas

Principal, Marketing Management, Inc.


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