8. Alvin Awaya

October, 2004

Age: N/A
Title: Trustee, Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Foundation
Nickname: The Invisible Man

Power Surge: Land and money. The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, the legacy of the legendary financier and his wife, has both in spades. In 2003, the foundation was No. 7 on Hawaii Business’ list of the wealthiest landowners, controlling 2,084 acres of land with a total assessed tax value of $831 million. In 2002, the foundation topped the list of the state’s biggest givers, awarding grants totaling $20.7 million, almost twice the amount of the second-largest donor.

Power Play: Not only do Weinberg’s money and holdings give Awaya plenty of muscle and prestige, the foundation’s method of giving is as no-nonsense and straightforward as its namesake. In other words, decision making on where the money goes is largely unencumbered by bureaucratic B.S. and petty politicking. The money flows through Awaya.

Personal Voltage: None. Awaya avoids the media spotlight. However, the mystery surrounding Awaya only adds to his legend and, eventually, to his power.

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