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2011 Executive Auto Guide Volume Two

2011 Executive Auto Guide Volume Two

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Galaxy photo courtesy of NASA, ESA, and A Nota (STSCl/ESA), Convention Center photo courtesy of David Cornwell


Display at the First Hawaiian International Auto Show,

March 18-20, 2011, will show how Hawaii’s new energy sources will fuel the cars of the future.

     Dennis Short 2011
     HADA President

The Cars and Energy display at the upcoming auto show uses the fact that there are 650,000 blue/green tiles in the Todashi Sato mosaic in the State Capitol rotunda. This number coincidently coincides with the 654,000 passenger vehicles on Oahu. According to the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative, these 654,000 vehicles will have to transition, at least 46 percent we believe, to electric, hydrogen, or some other type of alternative energy use –in one generation – by 2030, to hit the state’s Hawaii clean energy in vehicles goal.

The display shows that as the alternative energy sources come on line (propellers and turbines turn, etc.) the tiles in the mosaic turn red, up to 46 percent, symbolizing Hawaii’s transition to electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids, hydrogen vehicles, and others, during the 20 year period, while the 500 million gallon barrel of oil drains down to 150 million gallons – the goal in 2030. Show-goers at this year’s First Hawaiian International Auto Show at the Hawaii Convention Center can visit the display…and see GM’s new VOLT, Nissan’s LEAF, Toyota’s plug-in Prius, Mitsubishi’s “I,” and many “future cars” (2012 pre-production models) in the four acres of car displays.

The show is March 18-20, 2011.

See www.Hiautoshow.com for details.


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2011 Executive Auto Guide - Volume 2

Giving Auto Buyers Peace of Mind

Anxious about buying a new car?

Hawaii Business magazine’s 2011 Executive Auto Guide provides the information that you need to make a wise choice. Discover what local auto experts from Hawaii’s top dealerships are saying about this year’s new car trends and the latest models in the industry. This edition of the Executive Auto Guide explores how extended–warranty agreements and service centers can give auto buyers peace of mind. This is the second publication in a series of four quarterly guides.


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