April 2001

Cover Story

Spreading the wealth

All In The Ohana

Sandwich Isles Communications Inc. is starting a family of companies.

Hawaiians Electric

Sandwich Isles Communications Inc. builds the state’s most advanced fiber-optic network.



Adtech systems needs a new home and the state needs a showcase of its high-tech talent.

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Science Technology International and Innovative Technical Solutions share more than similar acronyms.

Still the One

The Japanese still have the lion’s share of Hawaii’s foreign investments.

The Sweet Smell of Success

Body Mint, a daily deodorant in tablet form, has been a breath of fresh air.

Enveloped in Profits

A Hawaiian greeting card company appeals to da local ‘kine’ people.

A True, Fish Story

Scientists at the Oceanic Institute made waves last November when they spawned red snappers in captivity. The procedure, they say, could generate pools of money in the future.

Big Deals and Little Details

Five Do’s and Don’ts for starting up a small business.

Top 10 Hawaii Accounting Firms

Ranked by number of full-time employees in Hawaii.

Investing in Education

Chinese businesspeople tap Hawaii’s resources