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Exceptional e-commerce, local style.

This Web site is stocked with every action figure imaginable — from popular Disney collectibles, to Star Wars ensembles to hard-to-find characters from The Matrix and X-men. You’ll feel like an overgrown kid in a toy store as you click and download superheroes from the ’70s and ’80s. Can’t find a product by vendor or by name? Conduct a quick search, and maybe that mysterious action figure will appear.

> THE BOTTOM LINE: An A-list selection of toys for movie and comic-book fanatics. is a refreshing change from most Hawaii-based e-commerce sites.

Oils of Aloha sounds like a spinoff of that national cosmetics brand you find at Kmart. But it’s more than just a skin-care line. This Web site is a good place to find kukui lotions and macadamia nut oils. Purchase several bottles from the Kukui Skin and Hair Collection, or combine a few to create a gift pack. Fill your virtual shopping cart with macadamia nut oil, or, if you don’t feel like shopping, download more than 50 free recipes that feature this Hawaiian cooking essential.

> THE BOTTOM LINE: Not just a slick shopping site, but an information-packed Web site that offers health-care and cooking tips (using macadamia nut oil, of course).

Schizophrenic, but entertaining. That’s the only way to describe this Web site. Home of Surfvivor brand products, you’ll find everything from six flavors of sunscreen, to T-shirts, hats, shorts, you name it. This site also doubles as an on-line catalogue for University of Hawaii Warriors paraphernalia – logo T-shirts, hats, shorts, you get the idea. A related link called “Russell Yamanoha Couch Corner” invites you to comment on UH football. In exchange for your comment, you’ll receive a screensaver emblazoned with Surfvivor Media Inc. football helmets. A separate page, “Surfvivor Girls,”is self-explanatory. We need not say more.

>THE BOTTOM LINE: UH Warrior items, Surfvivor brand products, the football forum and the Surfvivor Girls page pumps this Web site with heavy doses of testosterone. A definite bookmark for sports fans.

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