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Eh Boss, I Got Your Report Card…

Is your company on the Best Places to Work list? If not, take our (unscientific) test to get a handle on how your work-place sizes up. Benefits are great, but nurturing corporate cultures are the defining characteristic for companies on our list.

1. Senior leadership is both capable and collaborative in guiding this organization.

2. Senior leadership has a unified vision of where we are going and communicates it well to staff.

3. Senior leadership espouses our organization values and regularly demonstrates them.

4. Promotions in my work group are based solely on a person's ability.

5. My supervisor makes his or her expectations clear.

6. My supervisor gives me the tools I need to succeed and allows me to use them.

7. My supervisor supports my efforts to balance my work and personal life.

8. This organization provides training and mentoring to help advance my career.

9. Changes that affect me are discussed prior to being implemented.

10. When I offer a new idea I believe it will be fully considered.

Each answer has a point score; add them up and hand your CEO the corresponding grade listed below.

A 43 to 50 points
Your organization has a clear mission and a disciplined plan to make sure employees are treated as the foundation for business success. On your last day of vacation, you actually look forward to getting back to work.

B 35 to 42 points
Higher-ups genuinely understand that your happiness and career growth are the essential ingredients for revenue growth, though the system to make sure employees flourish is not foolproof. When your alarm clock goes off, you don't grimace.

C 26 to 34 points
Your organization values your work, but hasn't made issues such as employee retention a top priority. It believes in benefits, good pay and a positive work culture, but lacks a systematic approach to fostering your career growth and balancing your work life with your home life. It's a job.

D 18 to 26 points
Your organization is old school. The business model here is they give you a paycheck, you give them your time. Feedback is typically negative and you don't buy into the company's mission, whatever that is. You definitely grimace when the alarm clock sounds off.

F 10 to 17 points
It's time to update your resume. After wooing you to work for it, this organization hardly gives you the time of day. It fails to train you for your job, then chastises you because you lack training. Your alarm clock? It makes you nauseous.

Note: A true work-place survey would use scores of questions to evaluate an organization's culture. This survey, compiled through interviews with industry experts, was intended to give a taste of the process.

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