April 2007

Cover Story


Working Wounded

If you're over-worked and over-stressed, odds are good you've got one (or more) of these stress-induced ailments

The Invention Machine

The University of Hawaii is a massive repository of cutting-edge research and technology. So why isn’t it churning out Hawaii startups?

2007 Best Places to Work Lists


Landing the Job

So you know which companies are the best places to work. Now, give yourself the best shot at landing a position there

Piecing Together the Best Places to Work

What sets these companies apart as the best

Work in Progress

Hawaii Business lifts the kimono of its parent company


Spin Zone

Spin Zone

Where Hawaii’s leaders face off

Talk Story

Profit Sharer

Lito Alcantra’s generous compensation plan and hands-on management style has built Group Builders into one of the state’s largest contracting firms

Editor's Note

Risky Business


Mind Games

This Month's Parting Shot:

Parting Shot

A portrait of Hawaii business life