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7 Things Employees Love

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7 Things Employees Love



There's no exact science on why employees stay or why employees go. But in scouring the surveys of the Best Places to Work 2008, we founds some things that definitely make employees happy, more productive and more likely to stick with a company.

While corporate-culture experts say that sexy benefits don’t make a great company, those with programs that support their people, both at the office and at home, tend to be places where people want to give their best. Yes, people want a good paycheck, but some people also want to be inspired at work, others want to grow and have security and work-life balance. Some also want flexibility, to have fun and maybe be pampered a little.

In the following stories, we highlight seven people from seven companies and reveal some of the programs, policies and philosophies that do indeed work. These are by no means the only benefits these companies offer, but they do give a glimpse into the mindset that makes a Best Place to Work.


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