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7 Things Employees Love

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7 Things - Pampering Walter Eccles, III

Walter Eccles, III
Commercial Data Systems




• Quiet room has massage chairs and radio; open anytime to all employees

• Break room has large flat screen with cable TV, a gourmet coffee machine and a dishwasher

• Conference room has projector, two webcams and a granite table with 15 seats, making conference calls with Mainland clients easy



Walking by Kukui Plaza Mall in downtown Honolulu, you would never guess that a high-tech computing systems company with Google-esque amenities is based there. But take a tour of Commercial Data Systems and you’re likely to say, “Whoa.”

On the left, past the sliding-glass-door entrance, is a 15-seat conference room with a granite table, two webcams and a projector with cable TV. The company can have Web conferences with its satellite offices across the U.S. and with any company anywhere in the world. Employees can bring in their laptops too, as Wi-Fi Internet is available throughout the facility.

Further down is a fully loaded break room, which includes a kitchen sink, stainless steel dishwasher, microwave and refrigerator. Above the dishwasher is a coffee machine that grinds and brews each cup fresh. During lunch time, you can catch “The Ellen Degeneres Show” on a 45-inch flat-screen TV.

Then there’s the quiet room, a small, dimly lit enclave with massage recliners. Any employee can use it whenever he or she feels it’s time for a break.

“I’ve used the quiet room a couple of times, it’s really nice,” says Walter Eccles, III, a salesperson for the company. “In the quiet room …” Eccles pauses, as he reminisces about the relaxing moments. “It’s amazing.”

Eccles says it boosts morale for employees, but it’s nice to show off to clients, too. “It’s nice to have our facilities reflect our abilities as a company,” Eccles says. “It’s not all flash. There’s a bunch of substance underneath it.”

For CDS, it’s all about keeping its employees happy. Mark Gilbert, vice president of sales and marketing, says it would take up to $70,000 to train a new skilled worker. “To retain talent is a lot cheaper than to hire new talent that you would then have to train,” Gilbert says. He says the company maintains a turnover rate of less than 1 percent.

“That, by the way, is not why we do it. We do it because we appreciate our employees and want them happy,” Gilbert says, adding, “In fact, we’re just nice guys, to tell you the truth, and we just like to take care of our employees.”

Expect the pampering to continue. More office space is being renovated, with a game room and a fitness center under construction.


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