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7 Things Employees Love

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7 Things - Life Balance Shelly Gerardo

Shelly Gerardo
Executive Assistant
Kukuiula Development Co.




• 12-week fitness programs held onsite include hula, yoga, Pilates and walking

• Company pays 100 percent of medical insurance for employee's entire family

• Annual health screening done onsite


Life Balance

Shelly Gerardo, an executive assistant at Kukuiula Development Co., danced hula when she was a child. Due to the demands of work and raising two children at home, she hadn’t danced in almost 10 years. Like most people, time for exercise had taken a backseat.

But now, thanks to Kukuiula, Shelly is dancing again. The company offers a wellness program onsite, where every Wednesday afternoon she dances hula, and every Thursday afternoon joins a walking group for an hour walk around the 1,000-acre property, located in Poipu, Kauai.

Kukuiula’s lifestyle department focuses on the customers, acclimating them to the culture and activities available on Kauai. For its employees, it offers 12-week fitness programs including yoga and Pilates along with hula. The department distributes a monthly newsletter with healthy recipes, tips and upcoming wellness events. “It gets us constantly thinking about our health, which I think is great,” Gerardo says.

During the walking program, a group leader from the lifestyle department explains the cultural significance of the land. “It’s about culture as well as wellness,” Gerardo says.

Richard Holtzman, president of Kukuiula Development Co., says the company not only sells valuable real estate, but it’s selling a lifestyle on the island of Kauai. Because all the wellness programs are onsite, “It allows [the employees] to experience and in turn appreciate and understand what it is that we are offering to our customer,” Holtzman says.

“Everyone’s always looking for balance. I haven’t quite found it, but it’s given me the tools to find it and it’s allowing me to have some balance for me,” Gerardo says.

Kukuiula pays 100 percent of medical, dental, vision and prescription drugs for employees and their families. In January, the company hosted HMSA’s HealthPass onsite to screen employees’ health and lifestyles.


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