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7 Things Employees Love

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7 Things - Fun Randy Bada

Randy Bada
Ala Moana Store Manager
Crazy Shirts




• Management encourages a sense of humor and spontaneity

• Fun events and activities are celebrated, including Crazy Olympics and observation of National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

• Product and culture are one and the same



Fifteen years ago, Randy Bada remembers seeing a classified ad in the paper. It read: “Crazy Shirts – Work should be fun.” He applied, got the job and has been having fun ever since.

Bada recently became manager of the Ala Moana store, but for the past five years he has trained new employees at the Crazy Shirts factory in Halawa. “One of the reasons I took [the training job] was because I thought it would be a good way for me to go in, and with new people, give them an idea of what kind of culture we have,” Bada says. “Because, yes, when I train, I’m a little off the wall.”

He hopes some of the zaniness rubs off on new employees, or Crazys, as they’re affectionately called. “I think it really helps form a strong bond with the customer when you’re a little bit more humorous with them,” he says. “They’re a lot more receptive.”

The workplace is a fun and crazy place, too. The facility stands out as the only wooden building in the Halawa industrial area, and inside, workers are allowed to be spontaneous. It doesn’t happen on a daily basis, but an employee has been known to wear a wig all day, just because.

The property’s grassy area set the stage for the Crazy Olympics in 2006. Interdepartmental teams were formed to promote teamwork between employees who usually don’t work together. Events at the Olympics included the “Paper Clip Toss” and “Dress the Mannequin,” a three-person relay in which each member dressed and undressed a mannequin in a race. Another Crazy Olympics is set for the summer to coincide with the Beijing games.

From a place called Crazy Shirts, would you expect anything less? “The product and our culture, there’s no separation between the two,” says Dara Rivera, human resources director. “I think that’s really important because you can say that you’re crazy and you’re fun, but maybe you sell a different product that may not be a match. For us, it’s easy and it just comes naturally.”


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