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7 Things Employees Love

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7 Things - Security John and Joshua Hookano

John Hookano (with son Joshua)
Quality Control Inspector
Bowers + Kubota Consulting




• Neighbor Island employees and families flown to Oahu for annual picnic and Christmas party

• Flex time allows employees to take care of family responsibilities

• Helps employees in need because "It's the right thing to do"



Soon after he started working for Bowers + Kubota Consulting (formerly KFC Airport), John Hookano broke his leg and suffered a compound fracture in his knee while playing soccer. Hookano worried he couldn’t pay the bills, especially with a wife and two children.

His company had his back and paid his salary for nearly four months while Hookano recovered. “There’s no other company that would’ve done that for me,” Hookano says. His personal days (a combination of sick days and vacation days) went into the negative, but Hookano dutifully paid it back within a year with overtime and bonuses.

Brian Bowers, president of Bowers + Kubota, says since it was a non-work-related injury and Hookano had not accrued personal days and did not have a disability policy, the financial situation would have been too much to shoulder.

Hookano still works on Maui for the Honolulu-based consulting architectural and engineering firm. Every year, the company flies all Neighbor Island employees and their families to Oahu for two company parties. Bowers + Kubota pays for airfare, lodging and rental car fees. If the company didn’t fly them out, “They might as well be on the Mainland,” Bowers says. “It’s good for them to interact with the rest of the employees and feel like they’re part of a larger organization.”

The company is accommodating to employees when it comes to taking time off for their kids’ parent/teacher conferences or after-school activities. They offer flex time so employees can make up the time, usually within the same pay period.

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