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Letters 04/08

What our readers have to say


Real Estate Survival GuideHOW TO BUY A HOME

In today’s real estate market the average person is faced with disdain and uncertainty. With all the talks of a recession, and a slow down in the housing market, it’s hard for the average homebuyer to make a decision to buy or not to buy. Last month’s issue “The Real Estate Survival Guide” went over some relevant points on making prudent judgments about purchasing a home here in Hawaii. It gave basic but necessary information that all homebuyers should know, while also giving the reader confidence in making a purchase. The article enables the reader to think and ask themselves questions, such as “Just because the bank says that you can afford a $3,000 payment doesn’t mean you can.” Every homebuyer needs to understand what they can and cannot afford, and every lender that they interview with should be asking them the same question. Most importantly, it encourages the reader to feel comfortable with presenting questions to their lender related to their financing needs.

Clint Hamabata
Real Estate Loan Officer
American Savings Bank
Honolulu, Hawaii
Via email


The Greenest Green House



I just read your February 2008 article on “The Greenest Green House” and thought it was a great read about Green Building in Hawaii. When you think about Green Building you automatically think about just the design but wouldn’t it also be nice to read about the process.

I am currently employed by a general contractor that is rated in ENR’s “Top 50 Green Contractors in 2007.” And I think it would be great if you did an article on GC’s in Hawaii that have LEED certification and the process of green building. It’s amazing to find out how many LEED certified projects there are on our island and what the process entails.

Thanks much and keep up the good work!

Wil Farinas
Honolulu, Hawaii

Is enough being done to ensure local people can afford to buy homes?

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