April 2009

Cover Story


10 Strategies for Doing Business in China

If you're thinking about doing business in China, you might want to see what government agencies had to say.



Franchising Lessons

Sara Lufrano of Aloha Salads speaks out about franchising her company to maintain quality and manage resources.

5 Steps to Getting a Building Permit

Nancy Kaya, owner of Kaya Permit Processors and an 18-year veteran of the business, offers these tips to homeowners and business owners on how to make the process of obtaining a business permit...

The Pitch: Taking the Work Out of Play

Venati Games pitches an idea of merging casual gaming with virtual worlds in a new genre, hopefully combining the best of both worlds.

Still Standing

Norm Winter speaks about Jelly's business survival - mixing old and new music, books and more.

Ask SmallBiz: Connect with customers with blogs and Twitter

Using social networks such as twitter and blogs allows companies to connect with customers on different levels.

Ask SmallBiz: Succeed in a slow economy

What types of businesses historically have done well in a slow-growth economy, and what kind of tips can you provide that will improve my chances for success if I want to start a business this year?