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Indestructible, Instant Networking

A communication system that its maker says can go anywhere

Tareq Hogue
Founder and President
Concentris Systems
Photo: David Croxford

We’ve come to expect seamless, uninterrupted communications: cell phones, WiFi and the ubiquitous Internet. The geeky term for these kinds of node-based systems is “mesh net-works.” But what about harsh, remote areas that completely lack infrastructure? Concentris Systems says its RapidLink Mesh Networking System provides a mobile, secure and, most importantly, rugged approach to building instant communication systems anywhere.

Photo: David Croxford

Mixing It Up

Hoque says RapidLink is a flexible communications framework. Its open-source routing technology makes the system compatible with any IP-based equipment, and it can be customized to almost any client’s needs. At 54 Mbps, it’s fast enough to handle everything from voice to video.

Pods and Nodes

The tangible parts of RapidLink are a family of portable mesh routers and WiFi access devices. Concentris founder and president Tareq Hoque says these range from nearly indestructible boxes, built for mounting on vehicles, to battery-powered, bricklike pods that can be deployed across the landscape or carried by soldiers. There are even small, hand-held MeshPods that can be strewn like breadcrumbs, extending wireless communications even farther. Once turned on, the nodes instantly communicate with each other, creating a redundant, self-healing network. Because each node can have a range of up to several miles, communication systems can be set up as quickly as driving across country.

Photo: David Croxford


Development of RapidLink was largely funded by the military and that has been its first market. However, Hoque says Concentris is now targeting commercial applications: emergency responders, “smart” grid systems and other industries that need high-speed, wireless communications in remote areas.


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