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The Perfect Office

There’s no such thing as a “perfect office.” As with everything in life, compromises are inevitable.

But in Hawaii Business’ annual survey of Best Places to Work, a number of themes kept cropping up. Some things are intangible, such as corporate culture. Others are physical: Lots of windows, etc.

Here, then, is one vision of what might be considered The Perfect Office.

Perfect Office - Click to Enlarge

Illustration by: Carlo Carbajal

Has “family-friendly” facilities, a place to breast feed, place a child temporarily while the employee finishes an urgent task or conducts critical business, etc.

Has windows and lots of natural light.

Has easily accessible places to relieve physical stress, i.e., massage chair, workout facilities.

Has compressed work weeks available for people who need a different schedule. Many of the desks are vacant at any given time, and that is a good thing.

Has showers, bike racks and other amenities designed to encourage people to get to work in non-traditional ways.

Has reserved parking spaces for those who choose to carpool.

Has a strong policy of caring for the employee 24/7, such as 100 percent healthcare coverage.

Has a dusty time clock. No one uses it because a good office allows people to work when they can and how they can.

Has on-site ways to nourish the body; that is, healthy snacks, a cafeteria, etc.

Communicates constantly. A company newsletter or company e-mail is a frequent presence.

Has green/sustainable ethic, i.e., easy ways to recycle materials, etc.


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Apr 9, 2009 07:36 pm
 Posted by  crafty808

This is great! The office I work at now is not exactly like this picture, but very close. Lucky ME!

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