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A day in the life of a Best Place to Work

My Experience at the Best Places to Work

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Weston Solution's Stephen Fallon supervises the editor
as he checks the depth of the water table.

What I Learned from the Best Places to Work

  • Safety first. Both Watts Constructors and Weston Solutions make safety their No. 1 priority. That’s good for OSHA and the bottom line, and makes for happy and healthy employees.
  • Friendly people work at the Best Places to Work. I don’t think I met a single curmudgeon. Even the construction workers were nice.
  • Everyone cares about everyone else. At Holua Resort, Shell Management employees were always ready to help each other.
  • Employees like to be recognized. Shell Management and Watts Constructors both have newsletters that praise employees and their families, and bring people up to date on company events. Weston Solution’s “Kudo Minute” is the cheapest and most effective appreciation tool I’ve ever seen.
  • Pay for training. Each company pays for or reimburse employees for job-related training. The benefits are obvious.
  • Employees are happy because they know they’re making a difference. Watts employees at the USS Arizona Memorial were proud to be a part of a historic monument and project.
  • Employees know what they’re supposed to do and what authority they have. Weston’s new-hire integration document lists all job responsibilities, who to report to, and when to report to them. There is nothing ambiguous in it.
  • Little things go a long way. Shell Management employees all wore buttons with numbers, and employees had to know what the numbers meant. By the way, 78 is the room temperature, and 93 is the customer-service rating out of 100.
  • Experience and familiarity make for happier workplaces. Watts Constructors employees have worked with each other for years. They’ve also done lots of joint ventures and have built solid relationships with other companies with complementary specialties. Good relationships go a long way.


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Apr 26, 2010 06:38 pm
 Posted by  nom

who is the guy in the photos? he's hot!

May 7, 2010 07:36 pm
 Posted by  HB Marketing Director

Some say he's an urban cowboy, others think he's a construction worker that eats rebar for dinner. All we know is he's The Stig.

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