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Hawaii's Best Places to Work 2011

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The Best Places to Work in Hawaii is a partnership between Hawaii Business and Best Companies Group of Harrisburg, Pa. BCG is an independent workplace-excellence research firm that partners with local publications and organizations to create similar lists nationwide.

The program is free and open to all publicly and privately held organizations, either for-profit or nonprofit. To be eligible, companies must have 15 or more employees working in Hawaii. BCG surveys employees and assesses the company’s policies and practices, evaluates the data, and ultimately selects the companies appearing on the list and ranks them.

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If you would like more detailed information on this year's Best Places to Work, you can purchase and download a Microsoft Excel file of all the companies and their benefits by clicking here. You can find out who has the most vacation days, who has the highest average salary, who pays for employees' gym memberships, and more.

Every Friday on HBiz Blog, we look into the benefits and culture at some of Hawaii's Best Places to Work.


Large Companies

250 or more employees

1 Shell Management Hawaii Inc.
U.S. Headquarters: Northbrook, Ill.

Employees: 291 (Hawaii) / 922 (U.S. total)
Average annual pay: $63,360 (salaried) / $31,500 (hourly)

Employees can go back to school at Shell Vacations Hospitality University. The curriculum offers more than 50 classes for all levels of employees, from service stands to company history to how to create a budget. Employees receive credits and can earn certifications.

2 Edward Jones
U.S. Headquarters: St. Louis, Mo.

Employees: 104 (Hawaii) / 35,987 (U.S. total)
Average annual pay: $78,426 (salaried) / $36,572 (hourly)

At Edward Jones, any associate in good standing after three years of service can be considered for limited partnership with the firm. Nationally, there are 14,937 limited partners and 347 general partners. Nearly half of all associates, from administrative assistants to top firm leaders, own a piece of the company.

3 University of Phoenix
U.S. Headquarters: Phoenix, Az.

Employees: 63 (Hawaii) / 53,781 (U.S. total)
Average annual pay: $50,939 (salaried) / $35,320 (hourly)

At the University of Phoenix, employees can receive a 100-percent tuition waiver for an associate’s, bachelor’s or graduate degree, and 75-percent tuition waiver for a doctorate. Employees’ dependents receive a 43-percent tuition discount for graduate degrees and doctorates.

4 New York Life
U.S. Headquarters: New York, N.Y.

Employees: 120 (Hawaii) / 20,000 (U.S. total)
Average annual pay: $157,000 (salaried) / $45,000 (hourly)

New York Life has had a presence in Hawaii for 130 years. The company pays for continuing education and provides plenty of corporate training.

5 John Hancock Financial Network – Hawaii Financial partners
U.S. Headquarters: Boston, Mass.

Employees: 28 (Hawaii)
Average annual pay: $70,000 (salaried)

The top financial professionals throughout the John Hancock national network are invited to the Achieving Client Excellence (ACE) Program. The elite top 50 financial professionals – ACE Platinum – are also extended a special invitation to join the ACE Elite Practice Enhancement Platform.

6 Nordic PCL Construction, Inc.
U.S. Headquarters: Denver, Colo.

Employees: 84 (Hawaii) / 1,249 (U.S. total)
Average annual pay: NA

Nordic PCL is an employee-owned company. Share purchase is not required, but shareholders can share in the company’s profits. The company also awards annual performance bonuses averaging 8 percent to 10 percent of an employee’s annual salary.

     Photo: Courtesy of Booz Allen Hamilton

7 Booz Allen Hamilton
U.S. Headquarters: McLean, Va.

Employees: 309 (Hawaii) / 24,837 (U.S. total)
Average annual pay: $95,988 (salaried) / $44,700 (hourly)

Booz Allen is a consulting firm providing professional services to U.S. government agencies in the defense, security and civil sectors, and also for-profit and nonprofit organizations. It offers a flexible work schedule, $5,000 annual tuition reimbursement, and challenging and rewarding work assignments helping its clients solve their most difficult challenges.

8 Monsanto Hawaii
U.S. Headquarters: St. Louis, Mo.

Employees: 795 (Hawaii) / 10,306 (U.S. total)
Average annual pay: $68,760 (salaried) / $32,531 (hourly)

The seed-producing company offers great benefits, including medical coverage for employee dependents up to the age of 25. The company has donated $95,000 to the Nature Conservancy in Hawaii since 2005, and has donated $170,000 to Aloha United Way since 2000. Monsanto conducts a live Global Town Hall with its CEO. The company holds a quarterly Hawaii Town Hall to address local issues.

9 Deloitte
U.S. Headquarters: New York, N.Y.

Employees: 67 (Hawaii) / 38,493 (U.S. total)
Average annual pay: $83,000 (salaried) / $50,000 (hourly)

The consulting and financial-services firm has replaced the one-size-fits-all corporate training system and has established the Deloitte Talent Experience. The program gives its employees options to build their careers, whatever their stage in life. The firm also has an annual incentive program for senior consultants based on individual performance. In addition, the firm provides a number of spot-bonus awards. Depending on the contribution, they can range from applause awards of between $50 and $100 to outstanding performance awards of several thousand dollars.

10 First Insurance Company of Hawaii Ltd.
U.S. Headquarters: Honolulu

Employees: 304
Average annual pay: $71,550 (salaried) / $37,800 (hourly)

The property and casualty insurance carrier offers a wide range of benefits, from an incentive savings plan with a company match and a pension plan to an on-site cafeteria and taebo classes. The company also has a profit-plus plan. In addition to an employee’s salary, he or she is eligible for a bonus based on company profitability or individual performance.

11 Servco Pacific Inc.
U.S. Headquarters: Honolulu

Employees: 916
Average annual pay: $84,250 (salaried) / $47,150 (hourly)

Servco has an on-site wellness center where employees can exercise four nights a week. One night is reserved for league games, including basketball and volleyball. Fresh, locally grown vegetables from Kula Fields are delivered to the office bi-weekly. The company also offers monetary incentives to employees involved in exercise classes, community races and other wellness activities.

12 Kiewit Infrastructure Group
U.S. Headquarters: Omaha, Neb.

Employees: 58 (Hawaii) / 268 (U.S. total)
Average annual pay: $79,820 (salaried) / $20.85 (per hour)

The civil contracting company provides a career-development program for staff with up to four years of experience. It invites local recruiting sources to help recruit a diverse workforce for craft and trade employees.

13 Hawaiian Telcom
U.S. Headquarters: Honolulu

Employees: 1,458
Average annual pay: $79,430 (salaried) / $50,056 (hourly)

According to internal company surveys, 86 percent of Hawaiian Telcom’s employees are proud to work at the company. Employees enjoy the nearly 100-percent-paid medical coverage for themselves and their families. The company also matches employee contributions to nonprofits and educational institutions.

14 Castle Medical Center
Parent Company Headquarters:
Roseville, Calif.

Employees: 822
Average annual pay: $84,760 (salaried) / $49,628 (hourly)

The hospital in Kailua has plenty of unique benefits, including an on-site mini-farmers’ market on Tuesdays, where employees can pick up a box of vegetables for $10. An on-site infant-care program is subsidized by the company. There’s a vegetarian cafeteria. Employees who go “above and beyond” are eligible for $250 bonuses.

     Photo: Courtesy of American Savings Bank, FSB

15 American Savings Bank, FSB
U.S. Headquarters: Honolulu

Employees: 1,173
Average annual pay: $58,939 (salaried) / $24,545 (hourly)

The bank has a casual dress policy, including tellers wearing T-shirts. Pay periods are every Friday. The company has a corporate wellness program, and gives $25 to employees just for taking the evaluation. To drive participation, the company has raffled off iPads, iPods, vacation days and gift cards. The biggest prize to date: a Honda Accord.

16 Maui Divers Jewelry
U.S. Headquarters: Honolulu

Employees: 480 (Hawaii) / 495 (U.S. total)
Average annual pay: $71,000 (salaried) / $29,500 (hourly)

Maui Divers has an employee stock-ownership plan. If an employee has 10 years at the company and is age 55 when he or she retires, the employee can cash out the stocks. Some employee balances have been more than $100,000.

17 Wyndham Vacation Ownership
U.S. Headquarters: Orlando, Fla.

Employees: 719 (Hawaii) / 13,050 (U.S. total)
Average annual pay: $44,802 (salaried) / $41,140 (hourly)

Through the timeshare company’s WynWorld Escapes program, employees can receive significant discounts at Wyndham properties around the world. Airfare, rental cars and tickets to attractions can also be discounted.

18 Parents and Children Together
U.S. Headquarters: Honolulu

Employees: 339
Average annual pay: $54,060 (salaried) / $29,800 (hourly)

PACT provides child and family services to 17,000 people statewide. In addition to holidays, some staffers are allowed two “mental-health” days off each fiscal year. The mental health days are for employees who need to take a break from work and the office, even though they may not be physically sick.

19 The Berry Company
U.S. Headquarters: Englewood, Colo.

Employees: 44 (Hawaii) / 855 (U.S. total)
Average annual pay: NA

The advertising and public relations company wants its employees to be well-trained and offers a tuition reimbursement of up to $5,000 a year for approved course work. To sell advertisements for the Yellow Pages and Google Ad Words, the company has trained its staff in all areas of digital search. Each of its consultants completed more than 100 hours of training last year.

20 Wayland Baptist University – Hawaii
U.S. Headquarters: Plainview, Texas

Employees: 20
Average annual pay: $65,000 (salaried) / $35,000 (hourly)

At this institute of higher education employees can take up to three credits per term to earn a degree for free. Dependents can take up to 30 credits. Each year, the entire university system awards an External Campus Employee of the Year award. Last year’s recipient was the assistant dean of the Hawaii campus.


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May 15, 2012 07:22 am
 Posted by  Tramp

The University of Phoenix offers its full time staff all the benefits mentioned in the report. However, 95 percent of Phoenix instructors (2000 plus) teach part time, compared to an average of 47 percent nationwide, get no such benefits. How can it then be among the best places to work? Are we talking minimum wage salaries or slave labor?

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