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Hawaii's Best Places to Work 2011

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Medium Companies

50 to 249 employees

1 Bowers + Kubota Consulting
U.S. Headquarters: Waipahu

Employees: 99
Average annual pay: $75,000 (salaried)

The architecture and engineering consulting firm promotes wellness by paying $200 toward a gym membership, exercise equipment or any other fitness- and health-related costs. Over the past 10 years, the company has paid bonuses to employees twice a year.

2 Watts Constructors
U.S. Headquarters: Honolulu

Employees: 87 (Hawaii) / 187 (U.S. total)
Average annual pay: $90,200 (salaried) / $46,500 (hourly)

The general contracting company supports continuing education and pays for off-site training costs as well as offers in-office technical training. Watts established a cash bonus plan to compensate employees fairly, and employees are rewarded for helping to accomplish the company’s financial goals.

3 PKF Pacific Hawaii, LLP
U.S. Headquarters: Honolulu

Employees: 51
Average annual pay: $85,000 (salaried) / $53,000 (hourly)

PKF Pacific Hawaii (the former Honolulu office of Grant Thornton) closed its office for its annual meeting – in Las Vegas. (Airfare and hotel costs paid by the company, of course.) In addition, PKF has a playroom for employees’ children just in case they can’t find a babysitter.

4 SSFM International, Inc.
U.S. Headquarters: Honolulu

Employees: 87 (Hawaii) / 107 (U.S. total)
Average annual pay: $89,000 (salaried) / $52,000 (hourly)

Not only does SSFM have great engineers, it has great public speakers: The company has an on-site Toastmasters club chapter, fully funded by SSFM. The firm also holds an Office Olympics, with events such as synchronized office chairs, a blueprint-plan toss game, a CD toss game and a relay race. Teams are divided by engineering discipline and winners receive awards, lunch and cake. In addition, a masseuse visits the office once a month and fitness and karate classes are taught on-site as well.

     Photo: Courtesy of Austin, Tsutsumi & Associates, Inc.

5 Austin, Tsutsumi & Associates, Inc.
U.S. Headquarters: Honolulu

Employees: 61 (Hawaii) / 63 (U.S. total)
Average annual pay: $77,000 (salaried) / $38,000 (hourly)

The engineering firm provides plenty of opportunities for its employees to achieve work-life balance. One is allowing a flexible schedule of nine-hour workdays Monday through Thursday with a half-day on Friday. And no need to rush to the gym – the firm has set up an on-site exercise and weight room.

6 Island Insurance Company, Ltd.
U.S. Headquarters: Honolulu

Employees: 190
Average annual pay: $75,985 (salaried) / $35,233 (hourly)

Island Insurance motivates its employees with a generous profit-sharing program and annual incentive bonuses. Since it is an insurance company, employees get discounts on auto, home and even pet insurance. On the fun side, Island Insurance offers electric slide and chicken dance lessons.

     Photo: Courtesy of Hawaiian Humane Society

7 Hawaiian Humane Society
U.S. Headquarters: Honolulu

Employees: 69
Average annual pay: $70,122 (salaried) / $34,753 (hourly)

What’s the best perk about working at the Hawaiian Humane Society? Bringing your pets to work! The company also recognizes its employees’ accomplishments in a monthly newsletter and celebrates birthdays and work anniversaries with cards and cupcakes.

8 Trump International Hotel
Waikiki Beach Walk
U.S. Headquarters: Honolulu

Employees: 160
Average annual pay: NA

As a young hotel brand, the Trump asks the staff for ideas and contributions to build the company culture. At an annual “You’re Hired” employee event, guests nominate an outstanding associate. The winner receives a roundtrip flight to New York, a two-night stay at a Trump property, $250 in cash and two tickets to the TV show “The Apprentice” season finale.

     Photo: Courtesy of Atlas Insurance Agency, Inc.

9 Atlas Insurance Agency, Inc.
U.S. Headquarters: Honolulu

Employees: 120
Average annual pay: $65,480 (salaried) / $32,369 (hourly)

Hawaii’s largest insurance agency loves to celebrate. There’s an annual luncheon in the summer, a holiday party in December, and the president even dressed up as a bunny last Easter to distribute Jamba Juice treats and Hawaii Business Best Places to Work mugs. Every August, Atlas closes the office for an afternoon and sends all employees to a movie theater with tickets and refreshments.

     Photo: Courtesy of Aloha Pacific FCU

10 Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union
U.S. Headquarters: Honolulu

Employees: 148
Average annual pay: $60,927 (salaried) / $29,657 (hourly)

Despite offering financial services, Aloha Pacific is definitely not filled with stodgy bankers. On a whim, the president and VP went out to all the branch locations and delivered ice cream. The company also has a fairly competitive Halloween costume party, driven mostly by the employees’ pride and ingenuity.

11 Pacific Resources for Education and Learning (PREL)
U.S. Headquarters: Honolulu

Employees: 58
Average annual pay: $71,250 (salaried) / $28,575 (hourly)

PREL is a nonprofit that works with schools and school systems to provide services ranging from curriculum development to assessment and evaluation. The company contributes 12.5 percent of an employee’s annual salary to a pension plan, with no match required. The staff chooses an employee of the year and the winner receives an award, a place on the perpetual trophy, and a choice of $500 or an additional two days of annual leave.

12 Maryknoll School
U.S. Headquarters: Honolulu

Employees: 155
Average annual pay: $50,162 (salaried) / $31,998 (hourly)

At the pre-K through 12 Catholic coeducational school, one child in an employee’s family is eligible for 100-percent tuition remission. The company matches retirement contributions up to 7.5 percent of an employee’s salary. The president sends a weekly e-mail with a prayer or inspirational quote to faculty and staff.

     Photo: Courtesy of Kokua Kalihi Valley Comprehensive Services

13 Kokua Kalihi Valley Comprehensive Services
U.S. Headquarters: Honolulu

Employees: 148
Average annual pay: $40,000 (salaried) / $30,000 (hourly)

KKV provides health and social services to 9,800 residents in Kalihi. Despite growing from five employees to 150, KKV maintains a culture of family. Long-time employees continue traditions such as door-to-door outreach and after-work football games on site. Food also plays an important role. Cooking together, cooking for each other and sharing cultural foods happens daily at KKV.

14 John Mullen & Company
U.S. Headquarters: Honolulu

Employees: 62
Average annual pay: $58,300 (salaried) / $31,899 (hourly)

Employees are recognized for good work in Mullen Matters, the company newsletter. John Mullen & Company offers a bonus day off for employees with perfect attendance. Employees at the claims adjusting firm receive gifts for milestone anniversaries such as a leather business portfolio at five years and $200 at 10 years, going up to $1,000 at 35 years of service.

15 ProService Hawaii
U.S. Headquarters: Honolulu

Employees: 108
Average annual pay: $66,960 (salaried) / $35,363 (hourly)

Each year, the professional employers organization sets company-wide goals. The highest goal achieved is typically rewarded with a weekend trip or hotel accommodations for all employees. There are also three large employee events. Every Friday, the staff enjoys casual-dress Friday along with free breakfast. An employee can receive $500 for an employee referral, and, if both employees are still at ProService after six months, the original employee is eligible for an extra $500.

     Photo: Courtesy of Skyline Eco-Adventures

16 Skyline Eco-Adventures
U.S. Headquarters: Pukalani

Employees: 61
Average annual pay: $56,000 (salaried)

Workers at Skyline Eco-Adventures already have an advantage because many employees get to work outside. If a tour location serves breakfast and lunch to guests, employees can eat for free. In order to promote fitness, employees are reimbursed for entry fees to running, cycling, swimming or surfing events.

17 Seagull Schools Inc.
U.S. Headquarters: Kailua

Employees: 161
Average annual pay: $40,000 (salaried) / $25,000 (hourly)

Seagull Schools is made up of seven preschools and a food service, a business office and an adult daycare center. The company gives out random bonuses on random holidays throughout the year. In 2010, bonuses were given on Kuhio Day, May Day, even Talk Like a Pirate Day on Sept. 19, with checks accompanied by messages written in pirate speak. (Think “Argghh, matey!”) Other benefits include matching 401k contributions and safety incentives every quarter.


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May 15, 2012 07:22 am
 Posted by  Tramp

The University of Phoenix offers its full time staff all the benefits mentioned in the report. However, 95 percent of Phoenix instructors (2000 plus) teach part time, compared to an average of 47 percent nationwide, get no such benefits. How can it then be among the best places to work? Are we talking minimum wage salaries or slave labor?

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