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HB Legal: Employment Law 2014

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As Hawaii’s leading HR administration firm, ProService’s expertise goes beyond basic payroll, workers’ compensation and health care benefits administration. A full legal team stays on top of the myriad of changes in labor and employment law, making their knowledge available to clients at all times. Sarah Moriarty, an HR Consultant with years of experience as an employment law attorney, discusses some of the top new issues here.

Sarah S. P. Moriarty, Esq.
HR Consultant, ProService Hawaii

Q: What new information must employers maintain in records and include on pay stubs?

A: Effective January 1, 2014, employers must maintain a copy of the following information: (1) the pay rate of each employee and the basis for such pay; (2) whether each employee is paid by the hour, shift, salary, etc.; (3) each employee’s gross wages, deductions, and allowances claimed as part of the minimum wage; and (4) each employee’s net wages. This information must also be included on employee pay stubs, as well as the employee’s name and the employer’s name, address, and telephone number.

Q: What are employers required to provide to breastfeeding employees?

A: Under the new law, employers must provide all employees with a reasonable break time to express milk for a nursing child for up to one year after the birth of a child.  The employer must also provide a private location to express milk. Employers who employ fewer than 20 employees are exempt. All employers are required to post a notice of this law in a conspicuous place.

Q: What effect will the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) have on my business?

A: The ACA brings a complex change to the way employers and individuals will purchase and administer health care insurance. Our state regulators have determined that the Hawaii Prepaid Health Care Act (PHCA) will continue to be enforceable and will co-exist with ACA. Hawaii employers must comply with both laws to avoid penalties, adding another layer of complexity as local employers administer and manage compliance. However since the PHCA is more beneficial to employees, the ACA will have minimal impact in Hawaii.


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