August 2006

Cover Story

Growth and Sustainability

Kauai's Grove Farm proves the two concepts are not mutually exclusive

Waste Not, Want Not

HPower's waste-to-energy plant has burned enough trash to fill more than seven Aloha Stadiums and save us 12 million barrels of imported oil. It made some money, too.

The Last Wave

Hawaii's working class may not survive the Islands' economic boom

Water, Water (and Revenue) Everywhere

Koyo USA Corp. makes a splash on the Top 250

A Developing Story

Top 250 newcomer Stanford Carr has learned to diversify his developments.


Hawaii Forecast

Strong economy sees first signs of slowing

Winning the (Education Game)

The success of a Hawaii educational startup sparks interest beyond our shores

Fits and Startups

ChipIn runs into a unlikely opponent as it goes online


Editor's Note

Ask What You Can Do

This Month's Parting Shot:

Parting Shot

A portrait of Hawaii business life