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Aloha Air Cargo

 Earlier this year, Aloha Air Cargo celebrated its second anniversary as an independent company, but its legacy in the Islands actually goes back decades. Under the muchloved Aloha Airlines, and now as Aloha Air Cargo, its nearly 350 dedicated employees have been serving kama‘aina and local businesses since 1985, fostering close, personal relationships with many of the shippers, clients and business owners who utilize its services. Exceptional customer service coupled with heartfelt aloha spirit makes Aloha Air Cargo unique among cargo companies, and the reason why its regular shippers trust only Aloha Air Cargo for their shipping needs.

Aloha Air Cargo handles nearly 75 percent of all cargo shipped to and from all major airport locations: Honolulu, Oahu; Kahului, Maui; Lihue, Kauai; and Hilo and Kailua- Kona on the Island of Hawaii.  rough partnerships with other Hawaii airlines and international carriers, Aloha also can arrange shipments from any Hawaii city to any destination worldwide.

Numerous businesses, large and small, count on Aloha Air Cargo to ship their products daily via a wide range of services – Same Day Express, Overnight Freight, Loveable Pet Air Service, and Aloha FlexShip, a convenient, multiday service for less time-sensitive cargo. Every evening, over 300,000 lbs. of goods are put into the air and arrive ready for the shelves of supermarkets, in coolers at fresh  fish auctions, on display at local farmers’ markets, and in the hands of the people of Hawaii. Aloha is not just a means of commercial transport, but a vital link connecting every industry and person within the Hawaiian Islands.

And yet, as the most experienced and utilized cargo operator in the state, Aloha Air Cargo continues to improve its operations by running more e efficiently, consistently and above all, safely.  They have expanded their scope of industry services with Aloha Tech Ops, a specialized division providing aircraft maintenance and repair for commercial airlines  flying in and out of Hawaii.

Aloha Air Cargo is the air cargo operator for local business, just as Aloha Airlines was the local people’s airline. It is this pride and dedication in what they do that drives Aloha to ensure that every piece of cargo they handle gets to its destination on time, as it was tendered, and with full satisfaction to the customer. It’s not every day that a local company can perpetuate the spirit of Hawaii with integrity and the fond memory of its predecessor. Today and into the future, we proudly say, “We are Aloha.”

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