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Pemco Ltd.

Founded in 1984 by John Yamamoto with just three employees in a Honolulu office, PEMCO today is a full service real estate management  rm and one of the largest sellers of residential real estate in the nation, serving 26 states and the territories of N. Marianas Islands, Guam and Samoa.  The Honolulu-based company, now with more than 85 employees, has three offices nationwide, with plans to open a fourth in Denver.

“Our vision is to be the global leader in real estate management and marketing, while remaining a family-run company with an emphasis on integrity, commitment to excellence and customer service,” says Yamamoto. As a trained systems engineer, his start-up vision for his then construction and engineering management  rm was to focus on military and public sector contracts with an eye for innovation and efficiency.

“With each new project today, we look for key diversification opportunities to excel in our services and to have the right pro t margins to re-invest the talents of our highly qualified professionals,” says Yamamoto. “We aim to do a good job the right way and not just the easy way.”

PEMCO’s growth has been phenomenal, with the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) as its largest client since 1999. In 2008, it leaped into Hawaii’s Top 250 Companies list as the company with the biggest percentage of year over year sales gain. In 2009, PEMCO grew by 50 percent with gross revenue of over $41 million.

Long experience and Yamamoto’s own share of “setbacks and hard lessons” have made PEMCO’s management savvy about the enormous challenge this magnitude of growth represents for any company regardless of size. Taking advantage of the lessons learned in handling large capacity real estate portfolios and contracts, PEMCO is poised to meet new challenges with current personnel, management and  financial resources, says Yamamoto.

Now partnered with HUD, Army Corps of Engineers, Atlanta Housing Authority and private real estate investors, PEMCO has successfully closed more than 80,000 properties in the last 15 years. It will begin managing and marketing the sale of a large portion of HUD’s inventory under an Asset Management Contract awarded in June 2010.

“Our core strengths – strong customer knowledge and high employee morale, dedication and trust in leadership – and our strategic strengths, including advanced marketing e orts and diverse market presence, place us in an excellent position to sustain a long, prosperous future supporting homeownership and the real estate community nationwide,” says Yamamoto.

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