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Gouvea’s and Purity Foods Inc.

Better Together

One of the best things about cooking up a family recipe is sharing it with others. In Hawaii, we have come to love our Portuguese sausage, and the time has come to share it with our friends on the Mainland. Portuguese sausage steeped in generations’ worth of family tradition has ensured success for Gouvea’s and Purity Foods Inc. locally, and now, it is spreading to the Mainland.

Once rivals as two separate entities, Gouvea’s Inc., considered the first Portuguese sausage brand in Hawaii, and Rego’s Purity, winner of several best-taste awards, dominated the Portuguese sausage market in Hawaii. However, the two companies came together in 2008 in order to maximize the economies of scale, which enables them to provide a lower-cost, higher-quality product, and gives them the ability to expand their widely popular Hawaiian branded product lines.

With a collective 129 years of experience in the industry, the Gouvea’s and Purity Foods brand recognized that many local families have adopted the products into their own family traditions. To honor those loyal customers, the company has remained true to Gouvea’s and Purity’s original recipes, using only high-quality, fresh meat. 

The products have gained a considerable following over the past 78 years. They have found much success in both local grocery stores and big-box chains here in Hawaii, and have carried that success to new markets on the Mainland.

Scott Stevenson (left) and Bill Atherton (right)

The Portuguese sausage that we have come to love and adopt as comfort food has been well known not only for its distinct flavor, but also for its affordability. The decision to bring the product to the Mainland comes at a time when families are searching for delectable, high-quality, affordable food.

Manufacturing on the mainland allows for the continued use of fresh pork versus frozen pork, which in turns results in a higher-quality product. “It also enables us to service our Hawaiian braddahs and sistahs on the Mainland,” says company vice president Bill Atherton.

Moving forward, Gouvea’s Purity Foods is excited to add new items they hope families will welcome to the table in the same ways their Portuguese sausage has been. Among the new products are Piggy Pups, which consists of Gouvea’s famed Portuguese sausage wrapped in Hawaiian sweetbread.  Another addition is the Paniolo BBQ, which is a ready-to-eat, slow-cooked, pulled-pork, -chick and –beef in the Hawaiian tradition of the Paniolo’s. A third addition is already a staple in Hawaiian traditional foods: pipikaula.

In the end, what will ensure the company’s continued success is the very thing it was founded upon: locally owned, family traditions, and ono grinds.

Gouvea’s & Rego’s Purity Foods, Inc.
3049 Ualena Street, Suite 415
Honolulu, HI 96819


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