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2011-2012 Founders & Visionaries- Hawaii's Best

Ohana Treatment

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(pictured left to right) Brandon Tory, Bryan Tory,
Sandra Tory, Mike Tory (Vice President),
Louis Tory, Jr. (President & Founder) and Sandy Tory.

Tory’s Roofing and Waterproofing Inc.

Driven With Diligence

Louis Tory, Jr. has been working in the roofing business since he was just 18 years old, starting off as a laborer for his uncle’s roofing company. “I learned quickly and was a foreman in four months,” Tory says. He continued to work for his uncle for a few more years before joining the roofer's union and taking up work for major roofing companies, but he soon realized that union work was not for him.

“I decided that there was not one company on the Island that I could work for that would satisfy my drive,” he says. So he purchased an old Chevy truck and some equipment from some friends and started his own business. He went door to door, every day, offering to reroof homes. “I would make it a point to not go home each day until I got one job,” Tory says. “Word started to get around of my work ethic, and soon I had men wanting to work for me. Things began to spiral very fast after that.”

To gain new business, Tory realized that his best bet would be referrals from existing customers. “I began offering them a commission to go to their families, friends and neighbors to tell them about the work I did,” he says. The business took off, but it didn’t always go seamlessly.

Tory started the company when he was just 22 years old, with only slight knowledge of business. “Little did I realize that every job needed a contract,” he says. In his first year of business, he took jobs from contractors without signing contracts. “When it was time to collect, they told me they didn’t have the money to pay me,” he says. “I lost $50,000 that year because of that mistake.”

Louis Tory, Jr., President & Founder

But instead of giving up, Tory persevered and started to implement contractual work. The business flourished. Setbacks came and went over the years, but with encouragement from his family, Tory persisted, with the goal of handing the business to his son when he was ready.

Now, with Tory's oldest son, Mike Tory, who has been Vice President for the last 20 years, has taken the company to new heights. He runs the company with his two brothers and sister. “The one thing that keeps everyone going is the drive and motivation implemented by [Tory],” says his daughter, Sandra Tory. “He is a super hero. The culture in the company is love and sacrifice. We have employees that have worked for Tory’s Roofing for 35 years. That says a lot about their leader and about how he makes sure everyone is treated like family, even if they’re not blood-related.”

Torys Roofing & Waterproofing Inc.
(808) 456-5990
96-1385 Waihona Street
Pearl City, HI 96782




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