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Founders & Visionaries - May 2011

Six companies with visionaries at the helm.

Founders & Visionaries - May 2011

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Businesses are founded with a vision.

The businesses featured in this section share their stories of constant growth, innovation and adaptation—all of which are a testament to their longevity and success. From humble beginnings to global expansion, see how these companies built their legacy as they reflect on their milestones and look to their future.


     While the team's real estate acumen is spot on, the group
     isn't all business. Primary Properties is proud of their
     community involvement.

Primary Properties Inc.

Bigger is not always better. With plenty of big-named real estate franchises in Hawaii, there is a locally-owned, boutique sized agency whose secret to success is teamwork.

We believe in relationships," says Kay Mukaigawa, founder of Primary Properties. "Our direction and opportunities have been guided by the wonderful friends who have trusted us over the years."

Indeed what clearly differentiates Primary Properties from other companies is the value placed on relationships – with their clients as well as with each other. All 26 agents are friends as well as colleagues who share Mukaigawa's vision.

"We work in teams to get things done," Mukaigawa says, "Whether finding the perfect home or selling a property, we work together to ensure the best results for our clients."

And while the team's real estate acumen is spot on, the group isn't all business. Primary Properties is proud of their community involvement.

     Kay M. Mukaigawa
     Principal Broker, Realtor

Reaching out to those in need is not just something this group does in their spare time - it's a priority. One of many community service projects is their annual Golf Tournament that they co sponsor with Primary Residential Mortgage benefitting the Muscular Dystrophy Association, with donations of more than $30,000 each year.

"In addition, our agents don't exchange Christmas gifts, but instead, donate funds to Lanakila Senior Meals on Wheels each year" she says. "we match the staff's donations, and over the years, we've provided thousands of meals for Senior residents throughout the island."

Mukaigawa is modest about taking credit for the team, but it is undeniably her vision to recognize good people - those from varying backgrounds and different strengths - and bring them together.

"One area we are very proud of is our affiliation with the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands and working with the many that have waited for decades to be homeowners," says Mukaigawa. "It is truly rewarding and reminds us about the importance of providing guidance in one of the most important steps in someone's life." She adds "our agents work hard and give much of themselves, and the emotional and personal satisfaction is our
true reward."

It is quite likely that you're going to hear more and more from Primary Properties in 2011 and beyond. Not only are they working on several new residential projects in Honolulu, but opened an office in Tokyo in 2007 with expectations of expanding to South Korea and China. Mukaigawa shared. "Our desire to enter the international market began many years ago, and we envision a gradual but determined growth in this area."

With sincerity as a common trait among them, the team at Primary Properties regards every client, transaction, and project as a top priority. Teamwork is what makes this possible, and they wouldn't have it any other way.

Primary Properties
745 Fort Street, Suite 608 / Honolulu, HI 96813
Ph: 550-0818 / Fax: 550-0819

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