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2011 Hawaii's Better Business Bureau Torch Awards

Trust • Performance • Integrity

2011 Hawaii's Better Business Bureau Torch Awards

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Booz Allen’s Chairman Ralph Shrader talks often about the importance of trust; in fact, it’s one of the firm’s 10 Core Values. Most of us are fortunate enough to be given good examples while growing up, which we build upon in our own life experiences. Essentially, this is how we develop personal values, how we become trustworthy.

In business, ethics is the cornerstone that a company must build on. Regardless of its size and apparent success, if a company’s ethical foundation is not strong, the company will fail, and with it will go the careers of its employees and the needs of its clients and customers. We’ve all seen it happen time after time.

At Booz Allen, we strive to be the absolute best every day – to maintain the strongest code of ethics, and to comply with all government laws and regulations. We must do what’s right in every action and interaction, no matter how difficult a choice this may seem, and our firm provides clear guidance and direction to help employees make the right choice. There is no room for wrong behavior. As Ralph Shrader says, “Doing the right thing is the most important thing you and I do every day.”

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