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2012 Education & Career Advancement Guide

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Chaminade University MBA

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Sonia Sironen was recently honored as Chaminade’s outstanding MBA student. Originally from Germany, Sonia gravitated to Hawaii about 10 years ago. Here, she met her husband, earned an undergraduate and graduate degree in Dance Ethnology at UH, and found herself in Chaminade’s MBA program to put her business interest and dance background to work.

Sonia now holds a full time management position at the Still and Moving Center, billed as “the most comprehensive mind and body movement center in Honolulu.” Her work there recently included the development of a business plan for this relatively new and growing enterprise.

Sonia commented that she uses what she learned in Chaminade’s MBA program on a daily basis. One of her professors claimed, “we gave her the fishing pole, and now she, through her initiative and hard work, is catching all the fish!”

Putting knowledge to practice is just one of the many things that makes Chaminade University of Honolulu’s MBA (Master of Business Administration) program work so well for its graduates. “We offer education you can use in your work the very day after class,” says Elizabeth Stone, J.D., MBA program manager.

Mystical Rose Oratory

Some of the best entrepreneurs and business professionals lead classes of 10 to 16 students who comprise a wide range of age and experience, ensuring not only personal attention, but also valuable networking. Students leave better equipped to lead a business, having achieved Chaminade’s learning outcomes for its MBA program:

•    Ability to use appropriate quantitative tools and statistics to evaluate organizational decision-making;
•    An understanding of issues central to financial management and the ability to use financial analysis to inform business decisions;
•    Skills to use marketing concepts and processes in management to develop a competitive advantage in specific business environments;
•    An understanding of legal and ethical issues in business environments
•    Ability to use economic data and knowledge of domestic and global economic environments to influence decision-making;
•    Leadership skills in various business situations and the ability to choose effective action for enhancing individual, group and system effectiveness;
•    Mastery of strategic management and the ability to create and assess appropriate business strategies.

Which fields are best for Chaminade’s MBA program? Any. “Graduates of Chaminade University’s MBA program work in a variety of fields including large and small businesses, entrepreneurial start-up ventures, non-profit governance and development, the public sector, and as CPAs and accountants,” Stone says. “A graduate of Chaminade’s MBA program will be well prepared to handle the many complex challenges that are increasingly found in the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors in our global environment.”

With technology paving the way for a more global business environment in general, “Chaminade’s MBA program prepares students by supplementing its core business management curriculum with an in-depth understanding of business in Hawaii and the Asia-Pacific marketplace,” says Dr. Scott Schroeder, dean of Professional Studies. Further, “Chaminade is reaching out to develop MBA program offerings in Asia.”

Henry Hall

Beyond gaining incredibly valuable knowledge and skills, students enjoy Chaminade’s flexibility when it comes to course work. “Classes are held in the evenings, and sometimes on Saturdays, for 10-week sessions,” Stone says. “Additionally, many Chaminade MBA students are active-duty military, spouses or veterans who take needed classes online while deployed and in the classroom while in Hawaii.” Chaminade also has plans in place to further expand their online class offerings, bringing the program fully online in the fall 2012 term.

Students who attend classes on Chaminade’s campus can enjoy comfortable, classrooms and spectacular sweeping views from its Kaimuki location, nestled on the slopes of Kalaepohaku, two miles from the ocean and Waikiki Beach. They can also utilize Chaminade’s many amenities such as its on-campus bookstore, fitness center, library, courtyard café and the stunning Mystical Rose Oratory.

Aside from the Chaminade’s noteworthy MBA program, the school also offers several other master’s degrees:

•    Master of Science in Counseling Psychology (MSCP)
•    Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration (MSCJA)
•    Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)
•    Master of Education (MED)
•    Master of Science in Forensic Sciences (MSFS)

Interested MBA students can contact Chaminade’s MBA Program Manager:
P: 808-739-4612 E: Elizabeth.Stone@Chaminade.edu

For other graduate programs, contact the Graduate Admissions office
P: (808) 739-4663, or check Chaminade’s graduate website: www.chaminade.edu/grad


MBA graduates, class of 2009.


3140 Waialae Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96816
PH: 739-4663

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