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2012 Executive Auto Guide Volume 4

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The Cars & Energy display at the First Hawaiian International Auto Show Illustrated how Hawaii's renewable energy can fuel cars of the future.

The Cars and Energy display at the auto show used the fact that there are 650,000 blue/green tiles in the Tadashi Sato mosaic in the State Capitol rotunda. This number coincidently coincides with the 654,000 passenger vehicles on Oahu. According to the Hawaii Clean Energy initiative, these 654,000 vehicles will have to transition, at least 46% HADA believes, to electric, hydrogen, or some other type of alternative energy use—in one generation—by 2030, to hit the state's Hawaii clean energy in vehicles goal.

The display shows that as the alternative energy sources come on line (propellers and turbines turn, etc.) the tiles in the mosaic turn red, up to 46%, symbolizing Hawaii's transition to electric vehicles, plugin hybrids, hydrogen vehicles, and others, during the 20-year period, while the 500 million gallon barrel of oil drains down to 150 million gallons—the goal in 2030.



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2012 Executive Auto Guide - Volume 4

Is Buying or Leasing Right for You?

You need a new car. But should   you purchase that new vehicle you’ve been eyeing out? Or lease it from the dealership?

Hawaii Business magazine’s 2012 executive auto guide compares the advantages of buying and leasing the latest and hottest new models in the industry. Learn how Hawaii’s savvy businessmen and women find the perfect prices and top-of-the-line vehicles from our Islands’ best car dealerships. Auto experts provide an insider’s guide on the advantages that are available for buying and leasing new vehicles. This edition of the Executive Auto Guide will help determine which option is best for you. This is the fourth publication in a series of four quarterly guides.


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