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2012 Hawaii's Top Employers Profiles

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Hawaii Human Resources, Inc.

I magine a workplace where your kids can sit at a desk and do their homework, then play the latest Wii game while you finish up. Imagine a company that offers paid time off so you can give back to your local community. Imagine an office that provides catered lunch every day. Now you can stop imagining. Hawaii Human Resources (HiHR) has all of those things —and more.

HiHR has an impressive team of professionals who work hard for clients and enjoy the
benefits of an employee-centric environment.

The human resources outsourcing company, along with its staff of 34, provides customized human-resource solutions for more than 260 businesses across the state.   HiHR is an employee-centric  operation. Not only are staff members encouraged to have fun, stay healthy, get involved in the community and pursue their professional development goals, but the company actually has programs in place to help them do so. “I believe our business will thrive only if our employees flourish,” says Matthew Delaney, the CEO and president of HiHR.

HiHR’s family friendly environment isn’t limited to the confines of the office. Delaney describes a situation in which one employee needed to leave for the Mainland to care for her significant other, who was recovering from injuries he sustained while on military duty in Afghanistan. “She was able to travel back and forth over several months, working full-time for our company yet remaining close to her boyfriend,” Delaney recalls. “HiHR believes in a supportive environment and is committed to accommodating employees who are forced to deal with unplanned family emergencies.”

Co-founders Scott Meichtry and Matt
Delaney look for the best and brightest talent to help deliver on their promise of integrity, honesty and transparency to their growing clientele.

This attitude has helped create a family atmosphere within the staff members themselves. HiHR holds monthly birthday celebrations as well as themed monthly staff potlucks. The team welcomes new employees with a lei and cupcake presentation, and also hosts biannual company retreats.

HiHR promotes personal growth and wellness by offering employees paid memberships to professional associations, and the opportunity to pursue certification and licensing programs, as well as continuing education. If employees participate in the company’s health and fitness program, they can earn up to  $780 in reimbursements each year for gym memberships, yoga,  and fitness and diet programs.  

Clients may be the ones who benefit most from HiHR’s incredible work environment, which Delaney describes as “relaxed, flexible and fun, but with a client-driven purpose.” HiHR’s efforts to take care of its team have resonated with the staff, who convey this positive attitude to the businesses they serve. And Delaney understands how important this is, because, he says, “the company relies on the expertise and professionalism of its staff to exceed clients’ expectations.” 


(808) 695-2222
500 Ala Moana Boulevard, Suite 2-302
Honolulu HI, 96813

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