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2012 Hawaii's Top Employers Profiles

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Founded in 1991, Intech was created with the goal of helping local businesses make better use of their computer systems to grow their revenue and lower the cost of IT. Today, Intech offers a flagship service support process they call Worry-Free IT. “Intech’s unique approach of designing, implementing, managing and maintaining IT infrastructures helps local businesses comfortably optimize their use of technology and make IT cost effective, rather than cost-prohibitive,” says company president Jason Aldridge.  

Front Row (L to R):  Ben Ocenar, Jack Chamberlain, Teri Ganotisi, Jason Aldridge, Sam Gridley, Paul Ventura, Joe Massillo, Justin Watanabe, Will Wong
Back Row (L to R):  James Martin, Forest Penland, Aubrey Holt, Matt Freeman, David Bickerstaff, Jordan Silva, Veronica Nederhouser, Freddy Ludiazo

This strong focus on clients is consistent throughout the company’s staff. “We love to have fun, but we are also committed to excellence,” Aldridge says. “Having fun and receiving outstanding benefits help create a work atmosphere that shows our employees we care about them.”
Some of the extra benefits their staff enjoys beyond the company’s comprehensive package include an incentive plan for receiving praise from customers. “We have a monthly incentive plan for our network administrators/engineers, if they get kudos from a customer. The one with the highest amount of kudos is awarded a $100 gift certificate to Amazon.com,” Aldridge says.

The company also has a “Gold and the Goat” tradition to further motivate employees. “When you do something good, you may receive the golden cup, which is the symbol of excellence at Intech,” says Freddy Ludiazo, company sales and marketing manager. The recipient of the cup receives team recognition and must pass on the cup to another deserving person within a week. The goat goes the other way. “If you make a boneheaded mistake, or mess something up, you should go and claim the goat from the current owner,” Ludiazo says. “The intention is for the team to be able to say, ‘I deserve the goat.’ The goat can never be assigned from one person to another. It should be self-claimed.”  

L to R:  Joe Massillo (Managing Director), Sam Gridley (Owner/Chairman), Paul Ventura (Owner/Treasurer), Jason Aldridge (President)

While Intech staff members can work hard to achieve the gold and avoid the goat, they also have many other opportunities to unwind at the office. “The Xbox 360, Netflix, pool table and extensive DVD collection make for a very relaxed and productive work environment where employees thrive in accomplishing company goals,” Aldridge says. “The office environment is bright, cheery and has a ‘work hard, play hard’ culture that attracts and retains the best of the best in the technology industry.”

And when the best of the best get together, the results are tremendous. Ranked among Inc. Magazine’s Inc. 5000 for the past three consecutive years, Intech has seen a 49 percent revenue growth since 2009, according to Inc. Magazine, and with its innovative, forward-thinking staff, it’s poised for even more.


(808) 596-9500
1953 S. Beretania St., Suite 5A
Honolulu, HI 96826

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