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2012 Hawaii's Top Employers Profiles

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Wakelight Technologies, Inc.

“People are the organization’s most important asset,” says Joy Hess, President of Wakelight Technologies Inc. “Employees committed to our clients are the reason for our success.”

Wakelight provides services in three major areas: telecommunications and information technology; management and administrative support; and engineering and technical services in the government and commercial sectors.

Wakelight is about great people - bright, dedicated and motivated. Wakelight team

Wakelight employees are experts in their fields.  For example, in the engineering sector Wakelight is supporting the government with a senior Resource Energy Manager for their efficiency initiatives.  In the management and administrative support sector, Wakelight provides both breadth and depth of support in Human Resources Management, Strategic and Financial Planning and with a strong team of proven professionals.  

The technology sector is constantly changing. Unified Communications is one of the latest evolutions, merging data and voice networks with enhanced collaboration capabilities.  Wakelight stays current by continual employee training and through industry partnerships. Wakelight is an Avaya Silver Channel Partner and is creating a Wakelight Technology Center with advanced equipment to provide a hands-on environment for the Wakelight team and our clients.

Wakelight’s President & CEO, Joy Hess

Wakelight shows its employees an exceptional amount of loyalty and care. One Japan-based employee recalls the events surrounding the 2011 earthquake and tsunamis, “The company president affirmed to me her commitment to our overseas employees and their safety. She clarified Wakelight’s resolve to our wellbeing and immediate departure if we felt threatened, and she allowed herself and company resources to be available 24 hours a day, at a moment’s notice,” he says. “I have never worked for a company before that placed its employees before the bottom dollar, until I worked for Wakelight … While I watched employees from other companies desperately seeking answers for aid and assistance, Wakelight employees continued with their lives, confident of their futures, and sleeping a little easier knowing we had a company that cared about us.”

That care extends to the everyday, as well.  Fostering open communication, creating a positive work environment, empowering employees, rewarding initiative and providing opportunities for professional growth are cornerstones of the Wakelight culture.  Wakelight focuses on the personal strengths of each individual to maximize the results of the entire team.  

The company culture is based on working together with mutual support, respect, trust and open and honest communication. Wakelight is committed to its employees; employees are committed to their customers’ success, and strive to create strong relationships through responsiveness to customer needs.  It’s a win-win-win.


(808) 836-9253
155 Kapalulu Place, Suite 109
Honolulu, HI 96819

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