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2012 Hawaii's Top Employers Profiles

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Austin, Tsutsumi & Associates, Inc.

Healthy, happy people make the best employees. Perhaps that’s why civil engineering consulting company Austin, Tsutsumi and Associates Inc. (ATA) places such a high emphasis on maintaining or even increasing the life quality of their 60 employees. “The natural byproduct of an associate with a healthy family or personal life is a positive attitude and outlook at work,” says Ken Kurokawa, company president. “This translates to productivity, creativity and rewarding interaction.”

ATA’s Oahu family of dedicated professionals.

How do they do it? “We strive to balance the priorities of family, health, wellness and work, under the umbrella of having fun. More importantly, we really try to listen to our associates and create a culture of positive change based on what we hear as their needs,” says Terrance Arashiro, company senior vice president.  

For starters, employees can enjoy a half-day of work every Friday, 401K with employer matching, profit sharing, merit bonuses and life insurance equal to twice their salary. But that’s not it. The firm also offers health and wellness programs throughout the year, such as a boot camp and yoga workout on Fridays, right after work.

While the employees can enjoy the many perks offered at the company, perhaps the people who benefit most are the clients themselves. “I would describe our work environment as a dichotomy: A high-performance environment, with a laser focus on servicing the client,” says Donohue Fujii, company vice president and project manager. “This is based more on the quality of people we hire. The atmosphere is relaxed, comfortable and current. ATA is much more than a workplace. We embrace improvement and continue to challenge ourselves to do more for our associates.”

ATA also incorporates community service into their regular activities. They sponsor science fairs, engineering days in schools, church community events and student education in robotics and surveying competitions. “ATA also sponsors charitable organizations and events such as Pacific Cancer Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters Hawaii, fishing tournaments, walk/run events, like the Susan B. Komen Run, and various charitable golf tournaments,” Fujii says.

Board of Directors (from l to r) Donohue Fujii, Terrance Arashiro, Kenneth Kurokawa, Ivan Nakatsuka, Adrienne Wong, Stanley Watanabe.

ATA’s Maui office ohana.

In the end, the formula for keeping healthy, happy employees has paid off. The company, which was founded in 1934, remains one of the oldest engineering companies in the Pacific, and it shows no signs of slowing down. This may be due in large part to the people that comprise it. “Our tradition is to maintain a high level of integrity, innovation and service in everything that we do,” Arashiro says. “We value loyalty, but philosophically hold the premise that our associates should never feel that they give more than they receive from the firm.”


Honolulu Office
(808) 533-3646
501 Sumner Street, Suite 521
Honolulu, HI 96817

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