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2013 Education & Career Advancement Guide

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Chaminade University MBA

Diamond Head view from Sullivan Family Library

“We’re a Hawaii serving institution,” says Scott Schroeder, Ph.D., Dean of Business and Professional Studies.

Business education is a huge investment and Chaminade works to ensure that it’s returned with dividends. The business program, available to undergraduate and graduate students, recently coupled its first-rate degree offerings with increased flexibility. Students can now choose to complete any or all of an MBA degree online.

The added layer of flexibility allows the Honolulu-based university to extend its reach to the neighbor islands as well as all parts of Oahu. “Those who live in Kapolei or Waianae, for example, may find evening traffic to be a bear.” says Deborah Mellom, Marketing Communications Coordinator for Graduate Services, “Now students who live farther out can tailor their learning to fit their schedules and decide how much of their education they would like to complete online.”

Unique to Chaminade’s business program offerings is a genuine focus on staying local.“We’re a Hawaii serving institution,” says Scott Schroeder, Ph.D., Dean of Business and Professional Studies. While those from the mainland may be attracted to and can enroll in online courses, the program is centered on kama`aina values. “We concentrate on Hawaii culture, our neighbor islands and our local workforce.”

Diamond Head view from Chaminade University campus

The business program at Chaminade was developed to position students for competitive opportunities across a wide swath of industries, and the new flexibility adds additional appeal to attaining higher education. If that weren’t enough, dynamic instructors with diverse business backgrounds, extracurricular opportunities like the Hogan Entrepreneurial Program, and regular networking opportunities add value that students will find hard to beat.

Interested MBA students can contact Chaminade’s MBA Program Manager:
P: 808-739-4612 E: elizabeth.stone@chaminade.edu

For other graduate programs, contact the Graduate Admissions office
P: (808) 739-4663, or visit the website: www.chaminade.edu/grad



Clarence T.C. Ching Hall, Chaminade University campus

What will I learn?

  • How to use appropriate quantitative tools and statistics to evaluate organizational decision-making
  • How to navigate legal and ethical issues and considerations in business environments.
  • How to use economic data and knowledge of domestic and global economic environments to influence leadership skills in various business situations.
  • Financial management and the ability to use financial analysis to inform business decisions.
  • Marketing concepts and processes in management to develop a competitive advantage in specific business environments.
  • The ability to choose effective action for enhancing individual, group and system effectiveness.
  • Mastery of strategic management and the ability to create and assess appropriate business strategies.

The MBA program offers three optional concentrations:

  • Not-for-Profit MBA
  • Accounting MBA
  • Finance MBA

Chaminade Degree Offerings


Master of Arts in Teaching
Master of Education
Master of Business Administration
Master of Science in Counseling Psychology
Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration
Master of Science in Forensic Sciences

Students take a break outside Sullivan Family Library

Undergraduate evening and Online programs:

Religious Studies
Social Studies
Historical & Political Studies
Criminology & Criminal Justice


3140 Waialae Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96816
PH: 739-4663

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