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2013 Pathways to Sustainability

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No pun intended, but solar is a hot industry.

Going on 10 years in business, Sunetric was founded in Hawaii by Sean Mullen—ahead of his time but fascinated by photovoltaic technology—and has claimed Oahu as its permanent headquarters. “Historically, companies that start in Hawaii end up moving, which causes a drain on talent and the economy,” says Alex Tiller, CEO of the business. “Our model is opposite of that. We do have a domestic and international business footprint, but we’re island-based and bring dollars back to our local economy.”

Alex Tiller, CEO

The company is expanding its sterling reputation to the mainland and beyond, with operations in California, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Washington, DC and yet-to-be-announced international locations.

Here in Hawaii, the company boasts having designed and installed 40 percent of all net-metered solar systems statewide. That breaks down to over 100,000 solar panels installed and more than 57 megawatts (MW) of solar energy production. Its clients include several military branches and big business names. In short, Sunetric is Hawaii’s largest solar company.
What solidified Sunetric as the premier provider of photovoltaic technology? “We consider ourselves different and lucky. We’re beyond figuring how to do solar in Hawaii—we already  know which materials function in a sea spray environment and how to work with Hawaii utilities,” Tiller says. “We’ve got that down. Now, we’re perfecting how to be a great company.”

The business invests heavily in the education of its 150 employees and focuses on giving customers a great experience. “We pride ourselves on running a business that will be around for the long-run. We’re not just a flash in the pan solar business that will be here today and gone tomorrow,” Tiller says.

With solar reaching critical mass, shouldn’t every business be considering it? Absolutely. Especially those that control their own buildings and rooftops ought to be weighing the benefits. Sunetric’s goal is to elevate cost savings by reducing, or even eliminating energy bills. “If you have the space and access, what are you waiting on?” asks Tiller.

Learn more about going solar by connecting with Sunetric.



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