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2013 Pathways to Sustainability

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Printgreen: Sustainability with a Local Focus

In October 2011, Hagadone erected this 433.7-kW solar photovoltaic system, with 1,408 panels spread across 25,000 square feet of existing roof space. Local solar power installer Revolusun designed and built this renewable energy system.

Credits from our Carbon Offsets go towards helping with the Koa Reforestation Project.

Hagadone is not only Hawai‘i’s largest commercial printer and source for innovative solutions to local businesses, but the kama‘a-ina company keeps its commitment to protecting and preserving the environment as one of its guiding principles.

A comprehensive recycling program has helped turn this printer and digital design solutions provider into one of the largest recyclers of coated paper in the state, helping divert millions of pounds of paper out of Hawaii landfills.

In 2011, Hagadone erected a Revolusun-designed and built 433.7-kW solar photovoltaic system, with 1,408 panels spread across 25,000 square feet of existing roof space. This multimillion-dollar PV system powers a quarter of the energy we use at our facility, and save Hagadone more than $160,000 in electricity costs in the first year.

And our commitment to the environment extends to the ways we enable businesses to positively impact our land by doing their business with us and taking advantage of our NatureOffice program.

Our unique partnership with natureOffice, an international organization dedicated to helping companies operate in environmentally responsible ways, allows all of our clients to buy carbon offsets from Hagadone to neutralize their entire job with us. natureOffice certifies our plant and procedures, ensuring we know the exact size of the carbon footprint every step of the process, from creation to shipping.

The added cost is literally pennies on the dollar to offset your carbon footprint, and it’s something you can be proud of as you let your customers know how much you value the environment by operating in a carbon-neutral manner.

In addition, because of our relationship with the Hawaiian Hardwoods Legacy project on the Big Island, every dollar that our clients spend to carbon offset is redirected by natureOffice back into our state via the Hawaii Legacy Hardwoods organization, a reforestation project on the Ha-makua Coast of the Big Island.

Nothing makes us prouder than helping Hawai‘i’s businesses succeed by providing quality services they can count on. And nothing makes us feel more satisfied than knowing we are helping them do it in a way that benefits everyone in Hawai‘i and leaves a lasting legacy for generations to come.


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