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2013 Pathways to Sustainability

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Island Pacific Energy

President Joseph Saturnia in the Island Pacific Energy offices.

While new solar companies crop up all the time, none can call themselves a renewable electric company like Island Pacific Energy. Its business model transcends photovoltaic installations (though that’s offered, too) and provides organizations with unique alternative energy service bundles and packages that provide high-quality, lower cost power choices.

In fact, you might say that Island Pacific Energy is in the business of providing access to renewable energy. Even nonprofits—which aren’t privy to the same tax benefits as for-profit organizations—can take advantage of solar energy with unique purchasing, leasing, financing and power purchasing agreements. Businesses and homeowners benefit as well by not having to shoulder the full cost of solar installations all at once.

The company was started in 2007 by Joseph Saturnia who saw the same excitement in renewable energy as during the ushering in of the internet.  “I wanted to make a difference to the community and provide a service that Hawaii was in need of,” he says. “I also saw a huge opportunity to assist nonprofit organizations in taking advantage of solar technology.” His company was the first to provide photovoltaic solar energy to a nonprofit in Hawaii, and has since taken on some of the most prestigious organizations across the island.

Predicting a downturn in solar over the next decade, Saturnia explains that he has positioned his company to maintain stability and growth moving forward. Island Pacific Energy is not solely dependent on revenue from photovoltaic installations, but, rather, provides robust energy services to organizations and homeowners. Meaning, the future is bright. “We’re not a traditional solar company. We’re an energy company,” says Saturnia. “It’s our mission and goal to provide homeowners and businesses with more sustainable choices for how to power their homes and offices.”

Learn more about going solar by connecting with Island Pacific Energy:


Why choose Island Pacific Energy?

  1. Here Today, Here Tomorrow. The company will be around for generations to come.
  2. Experience. Organizations like Punahou School, Chaminade University and the East West Center trust Island Pacific Energy with their renewable energy needs.
  3. Guaranteed Savings. That equates to millions of dollars for most companies.


Island Pacific Energy
521 Ala Moana Blvd, Suite 211, Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 377-4570

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