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Construction Industry Outlook 2012

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dck Pacific Construction, LLC

Eric Tessem
Senior Vice President & General Manager

How we see it:
In today’s budget-driven construction environment, we are seeing owners being selective in choosing qualified contractors for Best Value proposals and requesting more “design assist” or “design build” proposals. The Design Build team bears the liability for the performance and budget for the project so the client gets the best of both worlds. dck pacific has a proven track record of giving clients that service for 10 years and continually improving its design-build and design-assist services. Our success is due to our core team of local architects and design consultants, and our long experience and ability to bring clients innovative building solutions.


Pasha Hawaii

Reggie Maldonado
General Manager
Pasha Hawaii

How we see it:
We are very optimistic about the construction industry for 2012. Our customers anticipate large postponed or cancelled jobs to open. Others are working on numerous smaller scale jobs.

Getting customers construction equipment or supplies keeps their workers busy and employed and helps them be competitive. With the Jean Anne exceeding our expectations in 2011 with direct calls and flexible service to major Hawaii ports, we believe greater growth will continue in 2012. In 2013, the Marjorie C will begin the only regular weekly scheduled direct calls to Kahului and Hilo for both Roll-On/Roll-Off and container shipments, the latter delivering value to a broader range of customers.


Bays Lung Rose & Holma

Karin L. Holma

How we see it:
Construction in Hawaii in 2012 will be a mixed bag. All signs indicate an uptick in government projects. Some state legislators propose more funds for repair and maintenance construction. Current federal funding provides significant work at military bases and sites, but could face hard times if proposed military budget cuts go through. Private project work will probably remain flat, with residential housing lagging even with low interest rates.

As experts in construction law and litigation, we offer preconstruction services, including land use and contract negotiations, in addition to construction defect and other liability issues involving construction.


Swinerton Builders

George Ehara
Division Manager & Vice President

How we see it:
For the past two years, we and others in private construction have kept busy with mainly renovating existing facilities. The big new construction projects requiring financing were put on hold, while smaller, internally funded renovation projects have gone forward. We are finally seeing some larger projects get financing to move forward.

With our diverse experience in hospitality, healthcare, retail, federal, multi-family and commercial projects, we will be competing to build some of the larger, ground-up projects in the pipeline. While renovation remains important in our backlog, we are excited to return to a more balanced portfolio of both renovation and new construction.


Honsador Lumber LLC

Carl Liliequist

How we see it:
With over 75 years experience selling quality building materials in Hawaii, we believe 2012 to be a transitional year for housing with real recovery to occur in 2013. Private sector residential faces a challenging year. Military construction will contribute significantly to Oahu’s residential housing, but is projected to deliver half the number built for 2010 and 2011. We expect late 2011’s residential construction improvement statewide to continue with historic low mortgage rates. Multi-family and light commercial segments are showing some life. 

We see opportunities to continue growing our private label “Islander” brand including Cabinets, Flooring, Granite Counter Tops and our Packaged Home Kit homes.


Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company

Eric H. Hashizume
Vice President
Building Division

How we see it:
While we see prospects for construction in 2012 to be limited, we do see projects in the design phase, such as some of the planned hotel renovations, multi-residential work, highways and federal government work. We expect these will be put out to bid in early 2012, with some of them potentially breaking ground sometime in 2012.

HDCC's diverse construction capabilities are one of our greatest strengths. Having the ability to effectively compete for a broad range of projects in hospitality, residential, highways, waterfront, foundations and power & industrial work, we are able to focus on the best opportunities that become available.


Pacific Pump and Power

Jeremy Leonard
Chief Executive Officer

How we see it:
In the big picture, (with some variations due to the world economy), Hawaii as a desirable place to live, work and play and its strategic location for national security leave the construction industry with long-term growth with continued need for infrastructure and private development. Innovative industries, including alternative energy, technology and intensive farming, are another boon for construction.

We are excited to be part of Hawaii’s growth as a local resource. Pacific Pump and Power has invested in more local personnel and on-island equipment for 2012 than ever before to provide safe, cost- and time-effective solutions to move liquids and slurries from one place to another.

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