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Getting Ready for Hawaii’s Senior Living Boom

Innovative options and solutions are growing in response to increasing elder care needs and the graying of Hawaii’s baby boomers

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Jay Raymundo
CEO, Aloha Habilitation Services, Inc.

Aloha Habilitation Services, Inc.

In 2009, Aloha Habilitation expanded its services to serve the elderly still living at home with specialized outreach services and in-home programs.

“Our staff professionals had extensive experiences working with the disabled in social services, case management and nursing home care, which we knew could address the needs of the growing numbers of seniors who wanted to stay as long as possible in their own homes,” explains Chief Executive Officer Jay Raymundo.

From the start, Aloha Rehabilitation’s philosophy has been focused on making “our participants our highest priority and striving to preserve their self-respect, dignity and individual rights,” says Raymundo.

Aloha Habilitation works closely with seniors or their children and family members to develop a personalized plan of care based on current and near future needs. For seniors, the company can provide personal assistance, in-home care, household chores and memory care. For adults living with relatives who care for them, it can also relieve family members with nursing respite, among other elder care services.

Drawing on its experience with the disabled, Aloha Habilitation focuses on coping strategies for seniors. It assists individuals in modifying and improving their self-help and adaptive skills, which are necessary for them to reside in their own homes and participate in the community. Aloha Habilitation also holds education seminars at senior living communities and assisted living facilities.

“Education is a major emphasis for us,” Raymundo says. “We regularly go out into the community to provide information on the types of services that are available for those in residential care homes and individual home settings.”

Currently Oahu-based, Aloha Habilitation has plans in the next five years to expand its services to the Neighbor Islands.

“Whether by choice or circumstance, seniors who live in their own homes deserve help to attain their maximum level of functioning, to have access to the community and to allow them to participate in activities of their choice to improve their quality of life,” says Raymundo.


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