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Green Hawaii

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Moving Forward Together

We’re on pace to reach our sustainability goals.

For the sixth year, Hawaii Home + Remodeling magazine, in partnership with Hawaiian Electric Company, is proud to bring you Green Hawaii, a 32-page guide to living a greener life.

Hawaii continues its trek toward sustainability. As outlined in the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative established in 2008, Hawaii aims to derive 70 percent of total energy used for electricity and ground transportation from clean sources by 2030. 

In any long journey, it’s critical to keep the end goal in sight. It’s also important to recognize milestones as progress. Last year, we reached one important marker: In 2011 we derived 12 percent of our electricity from renewable energy, well on the way to Hawaii's 15-percent-by-2015 goal.

In any long journey, it’s critical to keep the end goal in sight. It’s also important to recognize milestones as progress. 

This guide’s mission is to motivate and inspire you to continue your journey toward our collective objective. This year’s edition features updates on Hawaii’s efforts to promote sustainability through the development of clean energy, the promotion of local food, the reduction in opala and the move toward smarter transportation. We also explore the green revolution taking place in Hawaii’s schools, homes and workplaces, and how we, our keiki and our co-workers can do our part to help the effort, through small but impactful changes every day.

Hawaii can be proud of its mission. As the world’s most fossil-fuel dependent state, we also have one of the most aggressive clean energy programs in the nation. We’re together on this. Our community leaders, local organizations and, most importantly, our people have signed on to the most critical expedition of Hawaii’s life: the one which brings us to the greater energy independence that will allow us to thrive more sustainably.

The year 2030 and our 70-percent clean energy goal may seem like the end of the road. In reality, it’s only the beginning. What lies beyond is a sustainable future for our children and grandchildren. Through large efforts and small everyday steps, we can keep moving toward that brighter future.

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