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Matthew S. Delaney, Chairman and CEO

Both locally and nationally, the need for nursing care is on the rise. HiNursing is here to guide the way.

Q: What are some of the challenges Hawaii faces regarding care for our aging population?

A: From hospitals to Hawaii families statewide, our increasingly aged population presents varied challenges. The healthcare industry faces new staffing hurdles due to spikes in hospital censuses and the unpredictable and often immediate needs for nurses they precipitate. Families looking to care for the growing numbers of elderly loved ones are demanding improved and flexible solutions across the board - and assisted living facilities, care homes, or in-home care providers are adapting accordingly.  The increased demand for assistance is especially prevalent on the neighbor islands where options are limited when compared to Oahu.  Nurse staffing companies like HiNursing provide vital support to Hawaii’s unique healthcare landscape, delivering nursing care of all levels when and where our communities need it.

Q: Who utilizes nurse staffing companies?

A: Hospitals, health clinics, hospice and assisted living facilities, 5-star hotels, schools, insurance companies, and correctional facilities all utilize nurse staffing to manage the peaks and valleys in their organization’s needs.  Care homes of various sizes and individual home care patients also rely on nurse staffing companies to provide some of the most skilled, compassionate, and reliable nurses in Hawaii.

Locally based and locally focused, HiNursing is a member of The Hawaii Group family of companies and is the ongoing legacy of Scott Craun, RN and Island Nurses. Our heritage is Hawaii and the health of these islands is our passion, so whether you are a healthcare provider looking for the best talent available or a healthcare professional looking to advance your career, HiNursing is here to guide the way. 


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