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Hawaii Business Energy Resource Guide

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Working Toward a Clean Energy Future

 Hawaiian Electric Co.

“The center of clean energy technology research and development should be here in Hawaii.”

– Scott Seu, Vice President Energy Resources and Operations, Hawaiian Electric Co.

“Getting Hawaii off our heavy dependence on imported oil and onto clean, renewable, local energy will bring us all greater energy security, a cleaner environment, and a stronger economy with lower, more stable energy costs for customers,” says Scott Seu, vice-president of energy resources at Hawaiian Electric Co. “The center of clean energy technology research and development should be here in Hawaii.”

Since 2008, the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative has raised awareness of Hawaii’s need for energy independence among businesses and residents alike. With a statewide goal of 70% clean energy by 2030, Hawaiian Electric is focused on adding the renewable energy sources necessary to create a diverse energy portfolio.

“We have a three-pronged approach,” says Seu. “One is to develop new, cost-effective renewable energy sources across the islands, including wind, solar, biofuel and biomass, hydro, geothermal and soon, we hope, ocean energy. Another is to improve our ability to provide our customers’ with the reliable service they have a right to expect from us. And third, to achieve these two goals, we are upgrading our electric grids - the lines, substations, transformers and computer controls that connect the energy generators to customers.”

Hawaiian Electric companies provide electricity to 95% of Hawaii’s people on five islands. “We are a major player, of course, but so are our business and residential customers, state government and all those involved in transportation,” says Seu. To increase energy efficiency and conservation, HECO.com provides multi-lingual resources for customers to discover how to reduce energy costs, change behaviors, and contribute to the statewide goal of reducing oil dependence.

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Customers who increase energy efficiency and promote conservation will experience the most financial benefits. “Two words: less and local. We have to get better at using energy wisely,” says Seu. “And the more energy we get from local sources, the more our money stays in our economy.” To help residential and business customers save money, Hawaiian Electric has programs that reduce customers’ bills in exchange for allowing the utility to manage part of their electricity use temporarily.

Looking to the future, Seu says that Hawaiian Electric is working hard to get more cost-effective renewable energy onto island grids while exploring other energy options. “We are helping the State evaluate using liquefied natural gas here. We are determined to get off oil and develop renewables, but as long as we use any fossil fuel in our energy systems, we ought to look for the cleanest and cheapest fuel to help our customers.”

Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO)
900 Richards St.
Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 548-7311

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