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Hawaii Business Energy Resource Guide

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Energy Conservation and Efficiency

Hawaii Energy

“Our core mission is to educate, motivate, and incentivize energy conservation behavior and efficiency measures.”

– Larry Newman, Hawaii Energy Strategic Planning & Residential Program Manager

“We are here to help electric utility customers incorporate energy conservation and efficiency into their businesses and residences,” said Larry Newman, Planning Manager & Residential Program Leader at Hawaii Energy.

In its fourth program year, Hawaii Energy is a ratepayer-funded conservation and efficiency program administered by SAIC under contract with the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission, serving Hawaii, Honolulu, and Maui counties. “Our core mission is to educate, motivate, and incentivize energy conservation behavior and efficiency measures,” says Newman. “Hawaii Energy is here to help you save money on your electric bill and reduce our state’s dependence on imported oil.”

Within the last program year, Hawaii Energy assisted over 4,000 businesses from local mom-and-pops to some of the largest offices and hotels in the state.

Committed to serving our local economy, Hawaii Energy launched the Small Business Direct Install offering to provide qualifying small businesses and restaurants with free lighting retrofits. “Lighting efficiency is low-hanging fruit for immediate savings,” says Newman. “In addition, there are a number of other efficiency measures to invest in that can significantly reduce electricity consumption.”

For buildings with enclosed parking, Hawaii Energy offers an incentive of up to 85% of total project cost for garage ventilation control systems. Other incentives include submetering to fairly allocate electricity costs and reward conservation in master-metered condominiums and businesses within office buildings, strip malls, and hotels. Hawaii Energy expects to launch a set of offerings focused on restaurants in early 2013.

Businesses interested in working with Hawaii Energy can benefit from an initial energy assessment to identify opportunities to improve electricity usage and saving money. Based on the energy assessment, Hawaii Energy works with customers to discuss goals and tailor a plan of action. “We have a number of specialists ready to work with you,” says Newman.

To promote sustainability in Hawaii, Honolulu, and Maui counties, Hawaii Energy also offers educational and training workshops for a wide spectrum of people including building managers, engineers, teachers, and students. “The program plays an important role in helping to achieve Hawaii’s goal of reducing total electric energy usage by 30 percent by 2030” says Newman. “We are always looking to better serve.”

Hawaii Energy
Call: 839-8880 (Oahu) or
1-877-231-8222 (toll-free neighbor islands)

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