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Hawaii Business Energy Resource Guide

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Four years strong with the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative, Hawaii accelerates to meet 70% of our energy needs through greater efficiency and renewable energy by 2030. The Initiative’s requirement to generate 40% of our energy locally emphasizes the need for Hawaii’s energy independence. Hawaii Business provides this guide to help local businesses navigate and discover cost-saving measures that stabilize the bottom line and contribute to a healthier, greener Hawaii.



A Strategic Imperative


“Investing in a solar system now hedges energy price volatility exposure and allows business owners and operators to focus on their core business and mitigating other forms of risk.”

– Alex Tiller, Chief Executive Officer, Sunetric

“Business owners are always looking for ways to stabilize or fix variable costs,” says Alex Tiller, chief executive officer of Sunetric. “Electricity rates are unpredictable, but one thing’s for sure, they’ll only rise higher.”

Founded in 2004, and long before the state incentives were established, Sunetric is now Hawaii’s largest locally-owned and -operated photovoltaic solar company. “Despite recent disturbing and disappointing attempts to curb the state solar tax credit system,” says Tiller, “Hawaii remains the market with the best and brightest potential for the solar industry.”

To safeguard against energy cost increases, many businesses and organizations have turned to solar energy to achieve energy efficiency and maintain economic viability.

“Investing in a solar system now hedges energy price volatility exposure and allows business owners and operators to focus on their core business and mitigating other forms of risk,” says Tiller.

With experience in large-scale systems, Sunetric outfitted Kauai’s Wilcox Memorial Hospital with what remains one of Hawai‘i’s largest solar photovoltaic ground mount systems. The system, built on 1.4 acres of land next to the hospital, saves hundreds of thousands in annual utility costs and ensures that the hospital will always be ready to meet the community’s critical needs.

Other important industries such as tourism and real estate stand to gain from the benefits of solar systems.  “We are continually surprised by how few resorts have maximized this technology to lower their operating costs,” says Tiller. “Also, building owners that lease out their property can earn revenue from utilizing their roof to generate new revenue sources, even if they don’t pay the power bills for the facility. You can call Sunetric to learn how.”

With a full-service approach, Sunetric understands that providing quality solar systems is good for both the economic and environmental conditions here in Hawaii.

“The state’s goal of 40% generation through renewables is not just a nice thing to have, it’s a strategic imperative,” says Tiller. “I think our leaders at the state level understand the risk of not hitting that goal, and Sunetric stands ready to work with them to find the best solutions for sustainability in Hawai‘i.”

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Kailua, HI 96734

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