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Hawaii Business Energy Resource Guide

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“Lifestyles” in Paradise

 Solar Farms llc

Increased energy consumption is the new sign of prosperity with the advent of high-tech electronics, plasma screen TVs, iPhones, swimming pools and luxurious lifestyles.

Neighbors helping neighbors solve increasing energy cost with innovation

-- Grant K. Kidani, Managing Member, Solar Farms LLC

If you can get beyond the rhetoric and slick sales pitches by those seeking to take advantage of your energy-consuming lifestyle, you’ll discover that technology can make your increased demand for energy affordable.

Solar Farms is committed to serving local families and businesses by helping them save money and energy. We are local professionals bringing signature solutions through our proprietary technologies.

Solar Farms decreases your energy demand by using Power Shavers to recondition unusable harmonics. This increases voltage and decreases the amperage demand. Patented for more than 20 years, the new patents deliver even greater benefits that are now used by the military, commercial businesses and homes around the world.

Solar Farms features the latest 480w micro inverter for Photovoltaic systems. So why are you buying a 255w panel when your inverter is inverting at 190w or 215w? Our 480w micro-inverter per two panels inverts at a 240w+ per panel and dramatically increases the output and decreases the cost of the installation. Focus on the inverter production rate to bring down the cost of energy with less panels.

Finally, before deciding on an expensive solar water, consider a hybrid heat exchange unit for smaller households that is more cost effective.

Call us at 687-6146 to talk story and install the right solution for your energy consumption needs.

Solar Farms LLC
201 Merchant St. #2300
Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 687-6145

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