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Hawaii Business Energy Resource Guide

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Another Clean Source

Hawaii Gas

“Gas is an efficient, clean, and cost effective source of energy,” says Jeffrey Kissel, president and chief executive officer for HawaiiGAS, formerly known as The Gas Co. “Using it supports Hawaii’s efforts todevelop a renewable and sustainable energy future.”

“Gas is efficient, clean and cost effective. Using it supports Hawaii’s efforts to develop a renewable and sustainable energy future.”

– Jeffrey Kissel, President & CEO for HawaiiGAS

Established in 1904, HawaiiGAS is a local company with a deep tradition of serving the islands. Since then, HawaiiGAS has expanded operations to serve every major island in the state including Molokai and Lanai. “We produce Synthetic Natural Gas at our Kapolei facility and distribute it through approximately 1,000 miles of gas pipeline,” says Kissel.

With no sources of naturally occurring gas energy, HawaiiGAS uses leading technology to convert a by-product from the Tesoro refinery into gaseous energy called Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG). HawaiiGAS also supports Hawaii’s sustainability goals by producing Renewable Natural Gas (RNG).

“Our Renewable Natural Gas Plant is able to process up to one million gallons of renewable feedstock annually and converting it into renewable methane, propane, and hydrogen,” says Kissel. “The renewable gas products will be blended into our SNG manufacturing process in early 2013 to provide our customers with a gas blend containing nearly 5% renewable energy.”

Gas delivers two and a half times more energy to the customer over other fuels when used for water heating, cooking, and drying. HawaiiGAS clients range from hotels and resorts, restaurants, state and federal facilities, commercial laundry services, hospitals, and propane distribution companies serving residential customers.

“What also makes gas great is that it provides up to 60% savings over other forms of fuel for home, commercial, and industrial use,” says Kissel. HawaiiGAS helps businesses incorporate the benefits of gas by conducting a simple energy audit to identify opportunities to switch to gas to meet their goals in energy efficiency, cost savings, and emissions reduction. HawaiiGAS offers several programs to reduce or even eliminate the cost of converting to gas energy. 

To further Hawaii’s energy efficiency, HawaiiGAS is working with the federal government to import Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). “We intend to expand the use of LNG to diversify our own fuel supply mix and diversify the same for all of Hawaii,” says Kissel. “Because natural gas can be used in multiple industry segments including electricity generation and ground and marine transportation, which when combined represent nearly 60% of all energy imported to Hawaii each year, it provides an opportunity unlike any other source of energy to reduce costs, reduce emissions, and improve energy efficiency.”

Hawaii Gas
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