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Hawaii Business Energy Resource Guide

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Energy Efficiency Matters

 Energy Industries LLC.

“All usable technologies will need to be deployed to strengthen the state’s energy independence.”

– Miles Kubo, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Energy Industries LLC

“Excessive energy costs can have a devastating effect on a company’s bottom line,” says Miles Kubo, chief operating officer for Energy Industries LLC.

Energy Industries is one of the few local companies applying a holistic approach to help clients address both energy efficiency and renewable energy generation.

“Energy efficiency matters because a business can take control its electricity expenses by identifying and reducing the energy it wastes,” says Kubo. Significant energy savings often result from addressing areas of waste including improperly sized air conditioning systems, outdated water heating systems, refrigeration systems, ventilation systems, and lighting. To complement energy-reducing retrofits, Energy Industries tailors solar photovoltaic systems to avoid installing PV systems larger than needed.

“Business owners should consider energy-efficiency projects with an internal-rate-of-return of greater than 20%, and PV projects with internal-rates-of-return greater than 15%,” says Kubo. “These projects are like annuities, where the savings from utility bills provides a steady stream of cash over an extended period of time.”

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Energy Industries offers professional energy assessments to determine the degree of energy-saving opportunities and fully implements retrofit measures to achieve the savings . “We recently completed a program for the Honolulu Museum of Art . After determining that by centralizing the AC system it could reduce its consumption by over 1,000,000 kilowatt hours, we implemented the equipment replacement that will result in over $350,000 in energy savings annually,” says Kubo.

In conjunction with assessing energy needs in thecommercial, industrial and institutional sectors, Energy Industries urges a tour-de-force approach to meet Hawaii’s energy goals. “All usable technologies will need to be deployed to strengthen the state’s energy independence,” says Kubo. “Whether we achieve the 70% goal by 2030 is not as important as having everyone recognize the importance of a clean energy future and contribute to the effort of making the state less dependent on fossil fuels.”

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Energy Industries LLC
2660 Waiwai Loop
Honolulu, HI 96819
(808) 839-7300

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