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Hawaii Business Senior Living Guide

Innovative options, solutions, services and advice offered by Hawaii’s top senior care professionals offering tips on planning, premium facilities and transport.

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Fesh off an election year, healthcare and economy issues remain top-of-mind. It may not be clear where the best answers lie, but what is clear is that these issues affect all of us, especially our seniors.

It costs more to live in Hawaii than in other states, and our senior population is increasing rapidly. By 2030, approximately 22 percent of Hawaii residents will be age 65 or older, and of that population, about 70 percent will need long-term care, according to AARP.

Caring for kupuna is an age-old tradition, but in practice, the idea can take some getting used to. How will we know which decisions are the right ones?

Tricia Medeiros, regional director for The Plaza Assisted Living, recommends visiting communities, talking with residents and observing staff. Education is key, and planning ahead is essential. Start now by getting to know five local companies that specialize in senior care.

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Care Given in the Spirit of Aloha

The freedom to live comfortably should be accessible to all people. And while living comfortably can mean many things to many people, most can agree that comfort starts at home. Perhaps that’s why Aloha Habilitation Services, which specializes in home care and home health care, has managed to thrive and expand since its inception more than 12 years ago.

Created as a family business catering to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, Aloha Habilitation Services was created as a response to a need in the community.

“Venefrida Pacleb founded the company in 2001 when the Waimano Training School and Hospital closed its doors and individuals being relocated from the institution needed services,” says CEO Jay Raymundo. “Aloha Habilitation Services was founded on the philosophy that individuals needing services deserve to be treated with dignity and respect with the utmost care given in the spirit of aloha.”

With that philosophy in mind, the company expanded its services to the elderly.

“There have been many changes and challenges in the healthcare industry over the last five years. Accessibility to services has become a challenge for most seniors because most of them live on fixed income,” Raymundo says. “Furthermore, there have been many changes in Medicaid and Medicare laws and benefits to seniors, social security and the cost of health care continues to rise.”

Now, Aloha Habilitation Services proudly offers a variety of programs ranging from home care and home health care to skilled nursing, respite services, and even chore and personal assistance services.

“Aloha Habilitation Services continues to advocate for easy access to service and provides information on numerous options for our kupuna,” Raymundo says. “Community awareness of these services is provided through open forums, talking with seniors in the community, and networking opportunities to educate other industries about the services.”

The staff has been an integral cog in pushing the business ahead, and the company is quick to recognize and foster their potential.

“We have qualified staff, and we ensure that they are trained and educated on an ongoing basis to conform with new health care practices, philosophies, clinical advancements and technologies,” Raymundo says. “This is the key to ensuring that our clients are given the care they deserve, which is high-quality and safe, all given in the spirit of aloha.”

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